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Lawrence Bergfeld

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To Accomplish Your Mission In Business & In Your Profession
7/6/2013 12:57:25 PM
The key to success in a persons life is to be open to learning new things and taking action on them immediately. Because if you do not use what you learn then you lose it. Consider the courses in college that you took but do not use. Even though it was a requirement for your bachelors degree the truth is that you have lost it. Here is a word picture that can help you in business and in life. Back when I was a freshman in college my friend Jeremy who was a sophmore asked me "Did you know what you want to be when you came to this college?" My reply was "No I have not." He said "I did."

Every summer he had an internship in his major which was Computer Engineering and he then got a job at Intel. Afterwards he made is masters at an IVY League College. Now he works at Microsoft In Seattle.

That is an example of a person who has a definite purpose in life!

We can apply this example to our business & in our profession by being clear on what we want in life and just going for it!

Lawrence Bergfeld
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Bob Shoaf

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RE: To Accomplish Your Mission In Business & In Your Profession
7/6/2013 4:37:36 PM
Good post Lawrence.

Have a pleasant weekend,

Bob Shoaf
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