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RE: Promoting Affiliate Websites
6/1/2013 1:40:14 PM
Now for phase two - the actual "promoting"

The key phrase from Michael's post is "I began a very hefty advertising campaign...".
No matter if you have one site or 5000 sites, you still are going to have to drive traffic to them in order to be successful. What Michael did was to participate in many communities, forums, groups and "free ads" sites. He also states that he bought credits and traffic from paid to surf and traffic exchange programs.
The point of all this activity is just that, activity. SE's VALUE activity. The more traffic you have the better you will rank (all else being equal SEO and content wise). Plus some of that traffic will convert (buy your product, join your downline, etc.)

But if you just glance over MIchael's post you might miss the most important thing he did to drive traffic.

"I also paid an small email promotion service to send out 1 million emails a week."

Now he doesn't say, I used a safelist, or I built a list, or I did a JV with a list owner. Nor does he say, "I sent spam". (he is still in business so "spam" is unlikely)
So we don't have the details of his "small email promotion service" to know what kind of emails were sent, or how they were sent, or for how many weeks.
The point is though, he got massive exposure. ONE MILLION emails a week. IF he did that for two years that's over 100 million emails.
Now that is generating traffic.

next post, we'll cover what to do with that traffic...

David Weed President,
RE: Promoting Affiliate Websites
6/3/2013 12:23:37 PM
OK, now Michael has traffic coming in. And he does one of the smartest things you can do when you have a website. HE TRACKS HIS TRAFFIC!
You can use any kind of tracking software, from the programs built into many hosting platforms, to free or paid third party site trackers. The point is to track all traffic coming in; know where your visitors come from and what they do on your site.
Why is it important? You need to know if your website is effective. If it is a sales site then you want to know how many visitors is takes to make a sale. In Michael's case he shows us that he makes one sale for every 15,000 visitors. Taking this one step further, if he makes $150 per sale, then he knows how much is reasonable to pay for those 15,000 visitors. Michael is also getting the most out of his traffic buy "upselling" his buyers with additional offers.
In my next and final post on this I'll discuss the one thing I'd do if I were managing Michael's sites...
David Weed President,
RE: Promoting Affiliate Websites
6/4/2013 8:36:31 PM

This post will detail what *I* would do were I managing Michaels vast network of sites.
Anyone expecting me to rip Michael a new one will be very disappointed.

Whether you have one site or 5000, each site has a cost associated with it. Depending on how your organization is setup that cost can be as minimal at the Domain Registration fee for a year to as much as $30-$50 or more per site.
Even if you are somehow able to setup thousands of sites and host them for "free", there is still a time cost in that you must do some management of those sites. From monitoring traffic to swapping links or rewriting a page or the entire site those activities take time.
*I* would do a full audit of every single site and develop a "Mendoza Line" (look it up) for what is an acceptable level of performance for a single site. Then for those sites below that line, I would determine if the amount of traffic and the kind of traffic has any value to any of my sites "above the line". Does a site send enough qualified visitors to a performing site to at least be worth the expense of keeping the site up to date to do so?
For example, lets say that a site below the line that is about cats has good traffic. but I have no other sites with anything cat related on them. Let's say the closest is a site selling used Jaguar parts. Cat traffic won't be much good at a car parts site.
Traffic that I cannot take advantage of is less than useless. I'd put the site up for sale and use the cash for something else.
Lather, Rinse and Repeat until I had culled or redirected all sites below the "Mendoza Line". I'd repeat the process twice a year.

That's about it. Everything Michael did is pretty much the textbook of how to do this. Build the site(s), get traffic from as many sources as possible, build the traffic and the content till the SE's start to reward you for it. monetize it. and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

I want to thank Michael for sharing his story and hopefully someone will learn from it and one day be able to share their success story.
David Weed President,

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