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About the *HOW* to promote a business forum
5/14/2013 1:57:37 PM
There is a right way and a wrong way to do almost everything. That is nowhere more true than for building and promoting a business.

This forum is dedicated to discussing the various strategies and methods of promoting a business both online and offline. But it is not a place to try and promote "your business". "link dropping" is not welcome and you will face consequences for doing so! I won't tell you what they are but suffice it to say you will wish you hadn't.
Consider very carefully before linking to *anything* in this forum.
Why am I going so hard on outside this forum links?
Plain and simple. I've probably already seen, read and tried most anything you could "link" to in regards to promoting one's business. I am here to share *my* thoughts on this topic and *I* also want to see *YOUR* thoughts as well. Not the thoughts of someone trying to sell something to the membership of this forum or the thoughts of some blogger that hasn't ever done anything but put adsense on his blog.
I'm looking forward to some good information delivered with a little humility and perhaps some humor.

So, let's see what kind of trouble we can get into.

David Weed President,
Mr. D

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RE: About the *HOW* to promote a business forum
5/14/2013 2:07:07 PM
Well let be one of the first. This cover a few thing s to talk about.

SEO is:

  • Domain Name
  • Page Name
  • Content
  • Back Links
  • Real Traffic

Selling of Products:

  • Did you create a product then try to sell it?
  • Did you do your research to see if there is a market for it?
  • Do you have a keyword research tool?
  • Do you know how many searches are done for the product?
  • Do you know what search terms are used the most to get to the product?

If you are understanding anything listed above, then you will have a small understanding of putting together a plan of action. Remember one very important rule and the best way to describe it is with an example of an old friend of that is missing so much. His Website is good, just missing some of the finer points of good SEO.

  • No Traffic
  • No Customers
  • No Work

He is a great computer and IT man. To get to the point, he decided to call his business and page name as

"King Davids Computer Repair"

All and all things are good as it seems and it does show up in searches:

IF you put in the exact name of his company.

Outstanding Yes? No, not so good

Here is the deal and so over looked.

How many people searching for computer repair services will do a search for

"King Davids Computer Service" ?

One of the most used for this would be a more exact search for:

"Computer Repair Service in Hollywood Fla." or similar.

Unfortunately he is missing all the real traffic from online users that are searching for this.

Products or Services are all about building your Own Website and knowing how to put that

Website in all major search engines, and knowing how to set all the SEO configurations,

how to write quality content, how long the content should be, and how many of your keywords

to use, ( to few or too many will hurt you) and a few other inside information tactics.

Then you have Back Linking. Here is a big one and also one that most are not aware of.

Too many times I see people exchanging links thinking that the more they have the better they will be.

Here is what they don't know.


Say you have just linked up with another persons Website and he also has a link pointing to your Website.

Cool, right? Maybe, but listen to this.

The other Website and the Webmaster is now engaging in link farming sites, keyword stuffing,

and to put it as plain as I can, BAD LINKING PRACTICES.

This is what happens and you don't even see it coming. Google, Yahoo, and Bing just to name

a couple gets reports of this and decides to penalized that Website.

This now affects any Website that it is associated and linked to it.

Did You Know This?

Are You linking to any Website that will let you?

Link to me and I will link to you?

Affiliate Marketers and Network Marketers are in the hundreds of thousands and maybe even more.

They are in a world where you have no control over the website linked to your account so you are forced

do what even you can to get traffic. You have to follow their rules, their payment plans, and use their Website.

Don't take me wrong as there is some great supper affiliates out there.

Program Developers: are the ones that create, and get others to market it for them: Brilliant!

Product Developers: are the ones that know there is a market for their product.

Service Providers: builds Website that puts theirself in front of people searching for it.

A few points before I go.

  1. I don't use outside service to build something for me.
  2. I don't link to other Websites that are not related.
  3. I don't link to other website without knowing the Webmaster.
  4. I own all domains, have full control of all content, and SEO
  5. I run updated keyword researches to see what is used the most.
  6. I don't allow any outside comments on my Website.
  7. All visits and traffic are by real people searching for services provided.
  8. I don't used forced traffic like safe-list and traffic exchanges.

RE: About the *HOW* to promote a business forum
5/14/2013 2:17:15 PM

GOOD STUFF! and thank you so much for laying this out. It should be quite an eye opener for old and new AM's alike.

Just one thing... Please don't consider my next post as an assault on you personally or on your post above. I wrote it before you made this post and it is intended to be part of my marketing philosophy as a whole.
David Weed President,
Bob Shoaf

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RE: About the *HOW* to promote a business forum
5/14/2013 3:52:33 PM
Tell the universe what you want in your business.

Always, I repeat always be positive. Get rid of the words can't, get and trying.

Say your self-talk 500 times per day.

Begin by saying, "I am.....". Now just saying it will not make it happen. You must believe it WILL happen. Put emotion into your self-talk. For example, "I am attracting .....". Whatever it is you want. The mind and the universe will not care if your self-talk is negative or positive. If your emotion is strong enough, the universe will give it to you. Maybe not in the short time one wants, but eventually.

Have a very pleasant day,

Bob Shoaf
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Dave Cottrell

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RE: About the *HOW* to promote a business forum
5/14/2013 4:35:09 PM
Thank you for starting this thread, David. So far, what I am reading here is excellent.

If we can keep these kinds of posts going in Adlandpro, we are going to be providing some very useful information not simply for a couple of people here in this community, but potentially for hundreds of frustrated folks looking for answers on how to make a living online.

Note that I said, "...looking for answers on how to make a living online."

One of the reasons so many people fail in online business is because they aren't in business. They are playing the lottery, "buying" one "get-rich-quick" ticket after another, expecting wealth to just drop in their laps.

Those who treat their business as a business and work to make a living with it, just as they would if they had a "brick-and-mortar" business will take the steps, including doing the learning, to make it work.

I am looking forward to seeing a lot more in this thread, as the ideas already presented are expanded upon and explained.

God bless,


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