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8 reasons for Falkito
11/24/2012 11:56:23 PM

Falkito just reached 30.000 Partner signups and we are really proud that Falkito is growing this way and we are looking forward to the opening.

Why are people worldwide so convinced ?
1. Because we are the first company that found a way to make a more than 1000% commission payout.
2. Because everybody's Downline can be build up automatically just by pressing some buttons
3. Because every beginner transform to a professional and can earn money with ease
4. Because everybody can make real good money even without sponsoring
5. Because Falkito itself is giving generated real partners to existing parters for free, just to make everybody successful
6. Because we found additional income and this takes care that everybody is at least earning the monthly costs, so everybody will stay forever
7. Because Falkito found a way to make MLM and Network Marketing 100% automated so that 100% sure everybody reach by time the highest position
8. Because Falkito will grow up to the biggest marketplace worldwide
We arrange English,German,Turkisch,Portugues,Russian,polish,Italian,French,Spanish version .

We just need some time to make the changes that are need for the compliance worldwide, we want to be worldwide available so we have to follow the worldwide rules in common.

As soon as the whole system is running 100% perfect we are starting after we did some tests.

We will accept Cosmicpay Payments from start, this is clear and further we are working on a worldwide solution to accept payments directly from over 200 countrys, we don´t know if we can setup this rigth from the start but working on it.

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