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Why You Should Buy Streetwise Pepper Spray
5/17/2012 11:57:12 AM

Why you should buy Streetwise Pepper Spray?

We believe Streetwise is the best Pepper Spray because:

  • It is hot as it gets to keep you safe.
  • made with 17% Oleoresin Capsicum. Which means:
  • 17% of what is in the canister is the HOT ingredient from the pepper.
  • Scoville measured the heat of a pepper giving it a heat rating thus we get the Scoville Heat Units.
  • Streetwise Pepper Spray is 2 million Scoville Heat Units or S.H.U.
  • This is the Strongest Pepper Spray & has been tested to be very effective. Personal safety in a small package Where you are much more than a customer and we are much more than a web store

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