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Good News You Don't Need To Advertise At Adlandpro
3/2/2012 6:00:40 PM
Hello All

You will get great sales and support at Adlandpro if you just add some friends every day and get to know the people and share your stories and interests with them. You do not need to keep constantly placing ads.People like to get advise and buy from their friends, people who they get to know and grow to trust.

A great way to make friends at Adlandpro is to see the new members from you country who join each day. Add them as a friend and welcome them to Adlandpro.

Another way is to visit Stats and Networking area and see who is online and add them as friends.

Also when you visit member profiles look at the little box at right top of the screen where interests are listed. You van find interests that you have and click on the word I.E. (example Advertising. This will bring up a list of people with this interest. Add a few friends every day from this list. Special to add people from your own country state or city.

RE: Good News You Don't Need To Advertise At Adlandpro
8/2/2012 12:46:31 PM
Hello All

I have been at Adandpro near 9 years, so if you need help contact me..

If you have one or several opportunities I have a great site that will help you build sign ups and traffic. You can also earn $150 if you join and sign people or friends.


Some of my articles are linked from this site one is about using Adlandpro

Hope to catch up soon

Michael Clayton
RE: Good News You Don't Need To Advertise At Adlandpro
8/8/2012 10:27:10 PM
Good advice Michael. Just throwing ads up is a waste of time in most cases, although I still moderation, lol.
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RE: Good News You Don't Need To Advertise At Adlandpro
8/8/2012 11:00:26 PM

Hi Michael,

Adlandpro Community provides us with a better blog-style information format than all the blog sites out there, and there's a huge audience extending from here to Google to Facebook to Twitter to lots of other sites.

Members here should be offering ongoing information about their businesses, not just "throwing up ads". People should utilize the forums in a blog-style and keep their info flowing on & on about their offers, not just post once and run to another forum and post another ad & run to another forum. Members should start their own forums and keep their threads active with detailed info about what makes their businesses better than others.

RE: Good News You Don't Need To Advertise At Adlandpro
8/8/2012 11:08:48 PM
Thanks I will like to work with you If you will agree with me that without advert your marketing strategy goes NO where any beside we are on the same footing without the support of Adlandpro we can not find our self. So there fore my friend you can join me at and browse trough all sections and advise or make a small purchase to empower others around the world then we can jointly move mountain.

be sure I will register at your website as a mark of friendship on business opportunities.

Yours Sincerely,

Abiola Ibrahim

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