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Sponsoring Made Easy!
2/26/2012 9:40:10 PM

if you will stay with me long enough to watch a short 15 minute video introduction,
I will show you the EASY and FUN way to earn Big Paychecks with:

Wheels Of Fortune!
Click here to watch that video and register for your FREE account.

NOTE: Right now Wheels Of Fortune has only one page on the Cashlines website.
So, when you visit the website above,
you will need to look over to the right on
that first line of buttons, and
CLICK on Wheels Of Fortune.

You can sign up for FREE with Wheels Of Fortune, however, If you like what you see
here (and I know you will), at some point, you will need to spend $75 ONE TIME to
activate your account. Be sure to watch that 15 minute video and see how the two
wheels work.
That is absolutely awesome!

Take the time to watch that Video and see how YOU can easily an extra THOUSAND
dollars per month. If you can sponsor a few new members, you can earn a whole
lot more. You only need TWO to do well here, but the more people you can sponsor,
the more money you will make.

Sponsoring Made Easy With Wheels Of Fortune!

Very soon now, we will have a recorded
'20 Leads a Day' training program for paid
members. This will show you how to get 5 leads a day, then 10, then 20. The training
will also show you what to do with the leads so that they convert at a 1 in 10 ratio.
That's 2 new paid sign ups a day, 14 a week, 60 a month.

Get signed up now!
Click here to watch that video and register for your FREE account.

You will have until the 29th of February to activate your account. On the 29th, they
are going to close the site down to process all those who have pre-enrolled, and paid
the $75 to activate. Those people will be the first people going in when we launch, so
they will be in front of everyone else. When that is done, they will bring the site back
up, and LAUNCH Wheels Of Fortune. That might be on the first of March, or
couple of days later.

Yours In Success,

Don Evans


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