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Helping hand from Tiffany Dow with all her PLR packs at $1
12/19/2011 12:11:37 PM

I thought I'd give you a thumbs up on a helping hand with content for your websites, blogs, emails etc....

Tiffany Dow is selling all of her PLR packs for $1, even the ones worth $100+, so I am sure many of you will be interested.
The sale will run from Saturday to Tuesday morning.

Big PLR Sale Link:
PLR Minimart Big Sale

This is how it works:
1) Visit the link above and make a note of the packs you want (all packs are included) but *don't* add them to your cart.
2) When you know what you want, add each $1 pack up to figure out your total amount.
3) Click "SPECIALS" on the right hand side and buy a voucher for the amount you need.
4) You'll receive a file with instructions about emailing Tiff to get your packs.

Don't forget:

Once on the site, browse around and see what you want to buy. I like to have a pen and paper handy to write it like this:

Diet Mega Pack ($57) – now $1
Stress Mega Pack ($57) - now $1
Rocket Piano Affiliate Pack ($7) – now $1
50 Diet Tips for 2012 ($50) - now $1
Blood Pressure PLR ($19) - now $1

And tally up the total voucher you’ll need (the above example would need a $5 voucher to get those packs).

Once you’ve decided, click on the page that says Special at the top of the site. It has the vouchers listed for you. Choose and buy your voucher and it’ll let you download the instructions on how to get Tiff to send you the exact packs you wanted.

Do NOT just put random PLR packs in the shopping cart and check out – they won’t be individually priced for the special sale.

Happy Shopping for your future.

Don't just buy for yourself - think of friends you know who want to start online in 2012 in a niche and can't afford content. Let them know about the special so they can keep their start-up costs down.

Consider what new niches you were thinking of getting into and maybe use this special to help you get the content cheap to dip your toes in.

Angel cuddles,


PLR Minimart Big Sale
Ends on Tuesday.

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