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G.W.N (Sqip) News Update 16th Oct
10/18/2011 12:35:05 AM

G.W.N (Sqip) News Update 16th Oct

Sorry for the late update.
Lets talk about income streams.

MyCrowd will offer a growing range of income streams.
I think it is safe to assume that if you are making with MyCrowd or any other business you are involved in, that you will want to build your own portfolio of equity investments within Synergy Equity Group.
But as always you will be left free to make your own decisions.
Subscription commissions will form a good part of your MyCrowd income...assuming that you are building a referral network.
You will also be able to make commissions on products and services sold in MyCrowd
These will include the full telecoms service, all the advertising packages as well as products.
We will be providing you with communication, promotional tools and training.

MyCrowd is at its core a social & business network that will provide a range of services and tools to its members. The services and tools will save you money and make you money.

So lets assume that you have made 500 Euros commission in MyCrowd. You may like the look of several equity opportunities being presented by Synergy Equity Group and decide to put 100 Euros into 5 different opportunities. But you will be able to invest as little as 1 Euro.

Building a portfolio within Synergy will be one of the best things you can do to return fantastic profits.

As I mentioned last time, you will not need to be locked into the full term of the equity investment. You will be able to use the Synergy trading platform to sell off any amount of equity you own at any time.

There will be plenty of buyers ready to snap up the equity you are offering.

An example of this would be if you were fast enough to get some equity points in a business before the opportunity closes...then several months later when the company has turnover and traction in the market you can sell the equity points for a good profit. There will be lots of investors waiting to buy equity in companies that they missed out on.

Synergy will do a valuation of each company it takes on every 6 months. This will give us a value of the equity points held in that company. We will publish the valuation guide price for each company on the trading platform.

When you initially look at taking private equity in a company you will be able to make an informed choice.
You will be able to download a PDF document that presents the company as well as a recorded webinar video file that will be about 30 to 40 minutes long. The webinar will include a presentation and interview with the company founders.
Currently we now have over 40 companies lining up to be taken on by Synergy.

I hope to publish the site within 10 days...and yes I know it's don't' moan at me.
Several of the companies have been approved already.
We are preparing the financial projections and exit alert triggers. The financial projections basically gives us a projected value per equity point within a certain time frame.

Example: MyCrowd is projected to generate an exit profit of 125 to 250 Euros per equity point within 2 years. This assumes a target range being achieved for number of members and turnover.
Another example is the Apps creation platform company we are taking on. We can do the forward thinking and projections to safely assume that the company will generate an exit profit of over 300 Euros per equity point before the 30th month after launch.
This does not mean that we will exit at these times...but the objective exit triggers are there and a decision will be made when those triggers are reached.

I know that the range of companies Synergy is taking on will impress you.

I also know that Synergy will attract several hundred thousand micro investors very quickly which basically means that the equity opportunities will be closing faster and faster.

I believe that we will get to the point where a company needing 300k will have been allocated that money within a couple of days of the company being presented on the Synergy web site.

This is an incredibly powerful business model that we are introducing...and for those who can see beyond the next will provide the foundation for long-term financial independence...and even wealth for those who keep building their portfolios.

I hope to post another update during next week to announce the launch of the webinar and well as the Synergy web site.



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