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G.W.N(Sqip) News Update 7th Oct
10/8/2011 1:04:23 AM

G.W.N(Sqip) News Update 7th Oct

Hello again. I hope you have had a good and productive week.
I have been going thru the mails forwarded or sent directly to me in the last 2 weeks.
The same questions are being asked by many members.
So I decided to post those questions here with my answers.

What is happening with GreenWin Corp and why have they not yet delivered the mobiportal services?

The development of this technology has taken much longer and cost much more than was projected. Mistakes were made that needed to be corrected. Parts of the system could not be made to work with other parts. The road map had to be changed several times...and reworked.

Will MobiPortal ever be launched?

Yes, we still believe it will be. We also believe it will return a huge profit for shareholders otherwise Synergy would not have taken it on board absorbing more than 50% of the company. We can see the equity value rising to over 8 Euros per share within 3 years...which may trigger an exit sale for Synergy.

Where are my shares that I was given in GreenWin Corp?

The shares are held for you by Synergy. The GWC share registry has been updated and the shares held in a depot account at the bank.

Will GWC do an IPO and be listed on a stock market?

At this point it is too soon to say. It really depends on how quickly the company grows and if doing an IPO is the best way to exit this holding. The initial idea was to prepare for an IPO...get the shares issued and put the required processes in place..then decide in 2012 if going the IPO route is best. That is still the plan.

Can I buy equity in GWC?

Yes you will be able to do this when Synergy Equity Group Ltd makes some of its equity available as part of the micro investment program.

Who or what exactly is this Synergy Equity Group you keep talking about?

Synergy Equity Group Ltd is a company formed to manage the equity assets of investors in different companies that Synergy has equity in with those investors.

Synergy will be taking on a lot of potentially very profitable companies to raise investment for. Investors will be able to select from a growing range of opportunities to take equity in companies they like the look of.

Synergy will select the companies, do the due diligence and prepare the business case including the 3 year projections for each company including giving a projected price per equity point at different stages of growth of the company.

How do I invest into a company that Synergy has selected and presented?

You will be able to make your selections via the Synergy web site which is being prepared now. When you have made your selection you can allocate the amount you want to invest via your Synergy back office account. Synergy will then transfer the accrued funds to the company.

How do I sell my equity or will I be locked into each investment until Synergy decides to sell?

We will be having a trading platform built that allows investors to sell equity they own or offer to buy equity they want to own.

This is good for everyone as it allows investors to take early profits while giving other investors the chance to get into a holding they previously missed out on that still has plenty of profit left to be made.
The trading platform will be integrated into the Synergy back office.

Can I get any equity in Synergy?

Synergy is setting aside 10% for investors to take as equity. Synergy will use the investment to build the trading platform and to cover other big capital costs.
The offer will be on the Synergy website.

Will Synergy help me to select the companies to invest into?

We will be doing a webinar presentation with each of the companies we take on. This will include interviews with founders and key people as well as showing demos, sites, or whatever they think will help you to pick them as one of your investments. You will be able to download the recorded webinars for each company via your Synergy back office.
We will publish the webinar interview schedule and on a first come first serve basis you can get into the webinar to view it live...and even ask questions directly to the various company founders / key people.

What will happen to my equity points held in GreenWin Network?

Your equity in GWN will be transferred over to your Synergy account and be placed into the MyCrowd.
If you had purchased equity in GWN up until the cut off point recently then you will see that equity displayed in your Synergy account but allocated to MyCrowd.
MyCrowd is acquiring and absorbing GWN; taking over the affiliate network and other assets. GWN will be folded and cease to exist.
You will also see your equity held in GreenWin Corp displayed in your Synergy account.
Any other equity you purchase via Synergy will also be displayed in your Synergy account.

How much will my equity in MyCrowd be worth within 3 years?

The projections indicate a range of 160 to 400 Euros per equity point based on a membership of 5 to 8 million members. One equity point is equal to one Euro.

Will I get profit share from all of the companies I invest in?

Some will pay fantastic cash profit share while others will have to keep reinvesting for a while but you will see your equity point values soar. This is the exciting bit about building your own portfolio.

Can I get more equity in MyCrowd?

Yes, MyCrowd will be one of several companies that you can get equity in via micro or larger investment amounts.
Up to 30% will be set-aside for equity investors to take. 10% has already been allocated to 3000 investors.
You can already purchase equity points now in GWN. The equity will be transferred over and allocated to MyCrowd soon after MyCrowd launches and GWN closes.
Equity purchased now gets a 100% matching bonus and you can transfered via AlertPay to:
The minimum micro investment is 10 Euros.
Contact support if you need bank info to transfer amounts over 500 Euros.
If you have used the old GWN bank account before, please DO NOT use it again. That account is closed. Please ask support for the new bank account info.

Ok that's enough of those Q & A for now...I will post more next week.

In Brief..
Synergy site is on the way...content being added and should be published before end of next week.
Messenger xmpp servers are being set up and all being well you can download messenger before end of next week
Webinar is taking longer to integrate than projected...but is also under way.

MyCrowd is in build phase...and looking rather good I might add.
To date about 34 projects have approached Synergy to be included...that does not mean we will say yes to all of them.
You will get the idea of how all of this is going to work when you see the Synergy web don't panic !
Its all coming together very well indeed.

Have a good weekend
Until next time....take care.

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