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Hope and Change - A Poem
9/10/2011 7:59:19 PM
Hope and Change

There was a time not so long ago, when I read this story of catching wild pigs
you would feed everyday some corn on the ground and watch and wait for them to come around
Slowly a few days, to months at a time you would place fences,
back and sides until they hardly noticed they were being enclosed.
I have been feeling lately very much like these pigs enclosed on three sides and only the front still exposed
maybe it's the sides, or maybe the it's the back - Heck I don't know

Our freedoms we enjoyed throughout the decades, and over many years
have been taken away one by one and many in pairs
we did not seem to notice this - well not at first
while we were enjoying life, suddenly an insidious evil force
came upon us September 11 2001 to change the course
President Bush sent Our western countries to go to fight this terror on war
Mission; kill the Middle East Muslim Leaders, dictators, extremists, away from our shores

Our military have been fighting this war for 10 years now,
thousands of fatalities and thousands with horrendous injuries
our freedom at home has changed too, to come and go has become much worse
with telephone wire tapping, GPS on cell phones, vehicles, bank accounts search
have all come about from Govt to know where we are at any given time
body scans at the airports, in-depth baggage, and body search
FEMA huge prison like enclosures, why all the thousands of coffins?

We have a new President, Barack Hussein Obama who is NOT Natural Born citizen and a Muslim to boot!
He is black who said he hates America with a Kenyan born father. - ah but shoot,
he promised us 'Hope and Change' reading eloquently from a Teleprompter
Democrats hung onto his every lying word like he was the new messiah
Trillions of dollars in dept in his first 2 years, hopeless and change is what we have got
The 'rose coloured glasses' for multitudes have now come off

Skyrocketing prices on groceries, Gas pumps, etc taxes raising the roof
take from the middle / lower class while the rich and senates stay aloof
Barack and Michelle Obama take vacations with family dog, entourage and aircraft a plenty
bows down to Saudi King, shakes hands with the British Queen, embarrasses immensely
He was groomed for the spot, the Dems knew he was illegal and set about hiding
with blackmail, extortion's, gag-orders anyone who might just spill the beans, even to death

Questions arising of his fake and forged birth certificate and Social Security
Lawyers have taken concerns into the courtrooms to be thrown right out. They're dirty
I guess it does not matter what 'We the People think' the Supreme Courts don't care
They have turned a blind eye from evil Illuminati, George Soros dollars and pressures to bare
who have also bought plenty of gold and have complete control of the Main Stream Medias
White Guilt I am told will keep Obama there, while the rest of the Sane and Sensible are in despair

Obama is practiced at lying and deceiving to pressure what he wants
why he even had the guile to tell us he had Osama Bin Laden killed
by Seal Team 6 whom suddenly this secret team name was leaked
Yeah, Osama Bin Laden had to be on dialysis and has been dead for years
Obama needed another distraction to sneak through a bill no one would not like or approve
So many 'dumbed down' Senates and people are so gullible - it is true

There is far more evil than this as I look and search around,
Satan has us almost in his grips and surrounded
He is adept at convincing the world that he does not exist
as we see occultic practices, men dressed as woman, who persist
on their rights for homosexual marriages, late term abortions, to give pause
while Islamic Muslims arriving in their millions to bring in their Sharia Laws

While searching I saw high profile people walking on the dark side,
they recognise each other with special hand shakes and hand signs
Many of them think that no one will know or recognise their sinister side
while others are ignorant/arrogant and dark is cool. - Remember not everyone is blind!
Big Pharmaceuticals with FDA approval, do they really have any care?
new and more toxic, poisonous drugs to kill, maim, entrap and ensnare

I know that our Heavenly Father cannot be pleased and removing our blessings
He has been removed from schools, public buildings and prayers said a loud is banned
He has let earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, landslides and floods to wake us up.
We should pray forgiveness and upon our lands, before we receive more destruction
we have been selfish, greedy, proud, deceitful, with blood-stained, idle hands
will the people who say they love the Lord even listen, or stand up?

Amanda Martin-Shaver ©
10 September 2011

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