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The Value of STIFORP Tools
8/5/2011 7:22:04 AM
If you were to have one of our awesome flash movies made for your company, it would cost a MINIMUM of $1,500 EACH if not TWICE that amount. You have 3 with Stiforp. A dedicated conference call bridge that holds 100 people costs about $150. A live actor on your website would cost you at least $300 EACH (you have 3 to choose from). To have your own landing page designed, hosted, and programmed would cost at least $500 EACH (you have 8 already with Stiforp). A traffic rotator (if you could even find one) would cost you at least $50. Autoresponders are now at least $50 a month with a limited number of leads you can put in it (you get unlimited use with Stiforp).

Just those tools alone are worth well over $3,000 in value. In fact if you add up all of them, it comes close to $10,000 worth of tools that you can use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for about 30 cents a DAY.

While most companies in this industry have to inflate their prices to be able to pay out competitive commissions in their compensation plan, with over $3,000 worth of value for just $9.95 a day, AND the biggest compensation plan payout percentage in the industry, STIFORP is HOT.

PLUS, you will receive the best training in the industry to teach you step by step how to build ANY business in this industry easier, faster, and stronger than EVER, all while making even MORE money with our HUGE compensation plan.

THIS is beyond BIG.

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Walter Wilson

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