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Marlies And Walter Wilson
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About Me
My Husband and I have been involved with network marketing and Referral Marketing for over 15 years. Fortunately at this phase of our life we are able to spend about 7 Months a year on the Island of Gran Canaria and the other 5 Months of the year divided between Germany and the United States. We have been living like this now since 2006, at the age of 68 / 59, and are envied by many of our friends who are not able to live this lifestyle. We love meeting new people from around the world and have a very International team. Anyone interested in our Business can feel free to visit our Websites posted here or contact us if you wish. MWTeam wishes you the success you strive for in reaching your goal.
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Jan (aka) Jaz Green - (3/27/2017 10:26:38 AM) : Happiness is one's mind over matter. One's mind being the individual, living among the living ... Matter is infinite from the point of an individual ... beyond Earth into the cosmos ... by Jan aka Jaz (December 23, 2015)
Hafiz 2013 - (9/26/2013 6:07:44 PM) : Happy birthday!
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Sade Lana - (5/4/2013 7:16:43 AM) : Thanks for the invitation i will checkout your website. I am presently in affiliate marketing and i just join this 2 sites 1. and 2. You can check them out.
Paul Dequidt - (4/24/2013 2:45:58 PM) : Hi Marlies and Walter ! I just have read your message and I feel that you are both real Globetrotters. Me and my wife are married and my wife is ending her last working day for an employer, for who she worked 21 years with full satisfaction£. Now that we both turn around the age of 60, we have to go in our life for new goals.
Charles Bradley - (4/23/2013 3:19:57 PM) : Thanks for the invitation. I'm new here, so I'm trying to make the best of this experience.
Mansour Beany - (4/14/2013 6:11:41 PM) : Nice to meet u (:-
Vicente Rodas Alvarez - (4/12/2013 4:38:57 PM) : Cuentame más, estoy interesado
J Alexander - (4/12/2013 3:51:36 PM) : thanks for your invite


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