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What does the Powerline mean?
8/5/2011 3:26:33 AM

Many people have asked the question, What does The Powerline mean, and how many of those people will be under you in the matrix? So here's the answer:

The Powerline, or Company Momentum page in your back office, is simply to show you how fast the company is growing.

As an added bonus, we pay out commissions the first month a member joins on the first 3 people under them in the powerline. This way we can get a check in people's hands quickly, guarantee them a check, and show them that EVERYONE will get paid in Stiforp.

Each Tuesday and Friday night at midnight Pacific time, our system places everyone who joined during that cutoff period into the matrix in the order they are in the powerline in the highest available position in their enroller's matrix.

Since this is a 2 by matrix, that means everyone has two positions under them on their first level. After those two positions are filled, the ONLY place for everyone else to fall in their matrix is UNDER those two people. This is called spillover.

This allows you to be able to earn up to $2,047 per month in the matrix without any enrollment requirements, or over $8,000 per month if you join at the yearly level, one of the most exciting things about this compensation plan is you can get to the highest level in our compensation plan by personally enrolling only TWO people.

BUT, because our great tools, our low price point, and everything that Stiforp has, it makes it VERY easy to enroll WAY more than just two people. In fact, if you look at our leaderboard, you will see that there are people who have already enrolled 5, 10, 20, 50, even over 100 people PERSONALLY...and that has ALL been done in just a few DAYS. Imagine how big those numbers will be after a few months...and how many people will have enrolled 5 or 10 or more people.

What that means is SPILLOVER, and a LOT of it.

What is most exciting is NOT the few hundred people you see under you in the Powerline right now.

That is NOTHING. In fact most people won't see spillover for at least a few weeks into the business. What is so exciting is that as this company becomes a household name and THOUSANDS of people join over the next few months, and potentially HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, or even MILLIONS of people join over the next few years, the ONLY place for them to go is UNDER the people like YOU Walter , who are already in there. THAT is what makes it exciting!

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