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Groupon doesn't pay you, The Customer Advantage Does 5 levels & it’s 100% free!
6/14/2011 4:59:12 PM
Groupon doesn't pay you, The Customer Advantage Does 5 levels & it’s 100% free!

A lot of folks have asked this question because how can a company pay commissions without charging a membership fee. You really need to have a good understanding of the business model and I have to say it took me a few days to get it. This was before we had the videos that are available now. Please take the time to watch now, John Milanoski’s video @

John Milanoski, the owner, challenges anyone to find a hole in this business model, and I haven’t been able to find one. It’s completely free to join and market and they will never ask for a dime from its members.

For businesses, they can use their services with no cash out of pocket and get paid after the campaign is done.

As a free member you will get deals for your area starting in the States first but plans to grow around the globe as the membership grows, & this will happen rather quickly because of the power of networking, some networkers estimate the Co. can grow to as much as 100 million in its first year. For those outside the States, you can promote the company to others and earn commissions. There just won’t be offers for your area just yet,but TCA IS LIKE THE FIELD OF DREAMS, IF YOU BUILD IT WE WILL COME!!

The only thing I could find is, that this man John Milanoski may grow a Co. of networkers that can largely be in a position to turn economies around in many parts of the world!! AND PREDICTIONS ARE THAT IT CAN CATCH UP TO THE 70 MILLION IN GROUPON & SURPASS IT IN THE FIRST 12 MONTHS!


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