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You Could Hardly Call This Hard Work and Yet it Pays
4/11/2011 9:35:47 PM
I am inviting you to join my early notification list where you will have exclusive advance notice to the latest news and the launch date.

In case you are tempted to dismiss this as "just another pointless launch" I guarantee you will be amazed at whats going on behind the scenes. Seriously, I promise you will not want to miss this!

Love them or loathe them, PTC sites are one of the most popular types of site online today. A good PTC site can attract hundreds of thousands of members in an incredibly short time, many thousands daily.

If you know the PTC market you will know the leading sites and you'll know the potential as an advertising medium for your programs but you will also know there is a fortune to be made from leveraging the power of your referrals and your referrals clicks.

Setting aside the obvious benefits for your promotions the real potential is from the massive earnings possible on hundreds of thousands of clicks from other members. Traditionally the
potential, while good, has been severely restricted by low click rewards and low % payouts on rarely more than 1 level....

That is until now!

Welcome to PTC meets MLM on steroids, this is absolutely mind blowing!

This is your opportunity to get in before the masses, don't miss out!

Best regards, Ken
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