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RE: Dig 'em out
12/28/2010 10:57:57 AM

Hi Roger,
Shirley and I originally came from Massachusetts. The map that they showed on the news this evening shows that our home town seems to be buried. I remember growing up that the snow would sometimes accumulate to almost reach the second floor of our house. Deja vue. In Indianapolis, we got a couple of storms, however the snow that we were suppose to get over Christmas never fell in out area and this week the temp is suppose to go up to 50 degrees farenheit. I believe that we will be seeing a lot more snow this winter. I wouldn't mind seeing it just on T.V. though.

(P.S. Maybe this year, the ball that will drop in Times Square at midnight will be a Snowball.)

Although we have snow on the ground, here in the South of England we have 50 degrees (feels really warm).

Still more snow here in the N.W.

Do we have anyone from Massachusetts

here at Adland?

Photos of Massachusetts please


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