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12/23/2010 5:42:38 AM

Ultimate will provide the launching pad for building the ultimate list of prospects for ANY business opportunity you have.

Tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. the ground floor opportunity closes. So get in now.

Ultimate License benefits:

>>Access to entire on line library products to give away or sell. .....not one e-book but a full library

>>2 X weekly mailer

>> All downline who give away Ultimate License free site will go into your list build and their downline, and their downline.....that is he ultimate list builder for Any Business.

>>Upgraded U L members will give you continual income as they pay their yearly fee. TAKE NOTE, AS A FOUNDING MEMBER YOU DON'T PAY A YEARLY FEE...YOU HAE LIFETIME FREE MEMBERSHIP.

Jan 4, the site goes live and we start giving away free memberships to Ultimate License Site. Hop in now, and be one of those ground floor opportunity entrepenuers. There are few postio left.....forgot to look at recent update for the exact number.

This site will disappear at 6:00 tomorrow night Dec. 23. Pay in 3 pmts. or full pmt. but get in tonight.


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