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Major Varolo Updates - Start Your Engines
12/4/2010 3:13:12 AM
Varolo would like to announce that we will be opening the doors for the public beta Saturday morning December 4, 2010. Anyone that is currently registered with Varolo can login and use the new site. Some ad will be in the system. The volume of ads is highly dependent upon factors such as your age, gender, and especially geography. Those that have a village will be able to claim village earnings as your villagers watch ads. The achievements, rewards, and points will all be active. You can view your entire village including how many people you have on your 5th level. You can send messages to your personally sponsored villagers and much, much more.

Advertisers can register, login, create campaigns, and display their advertisements to villagers. You will want to register to become a Varolo Associate (even if you previously registered) and earn additional income anytime you refer an advertiser to Varolo. This can be any business larger or small. Fortune 100 companies, or home based entrepreneurs. As an associate, you can offer advertisers a way to try Varolo for free! You can give them a Varolo promo code they can use to get 250 free ad views. When they use that code, you will earn on each ad they pay for in Varolo.

You will also be able to choose your village name which you can use for your custom link. No more cryptic URLs. You pick your village name and begin using that to promote Varolo. Remember, you earn a fixed percentage on each and every ad someone in your village watches.

A few things to remember about the Varolo public beta.

* - The Jackpot will be disabled although each ad you watch will accumulate towards our first jackpot giveaway.
* - Some advertisers have been given the option of paying less than the standard minimums which (during the beta) will reduce your total village earnings.
* - This is a time for us to work out any final bugs in the system. If you discover a bug, please email us at

* - Some villagers may not participate in the public beta, so don’t be surprised if not all of your villagers are active. You can see who is active and who isn’t in your village map.
* - The number and types of ads available are different for each person based on where they live, their gender, age and which channels they have subscribed to.

You can earn money now from Varolo. As you get a larger and larger village of active users, you will earn more and more. As more advertisers enter the system and as we move towards our formal launch, you will earn even more as the volume and cost of ads increases. So be patient as Varolo continues to grow in popularity earning you more and more money.

The Varolo Team

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RE: Major Varolo Updates - Start Your Engines
12/9/2010 6:43:03 AM
Varolo is BOOMING! We are making money...

What's your excuse???
Discover How we are Earning Every Week with Varolo For Free - Find out how the power buyers and power sellers are making more when they shop online -

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