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Beautiful Ohio
10/20/2010 1:10:08 PM

Savy Seniors from Northwest Ohio love to travel together on day trips. Here's the account of one such trip.

The small bus of Bluffton Senior Center spent the morning delivering a full bus load of nature loving folks to southern Ohio near Cumberland, Ohio. During that long journey we were transported to a different world as we approached "The Wilds" where rare and endangered species make their home and wonder free on the restored grasslands. Were we in Africa or Asia? Had we just gone to the plains of western US. The wilds located on land reclaimed coal mining lands is now home to creatures from around the world, many of which no longer live in their home lands.. We kept our eyes open for large gray rocks with ears, which you may have guessed were Rhino. Around the corner we were back in the US looking at a herd of bison. We had giraffe walk up to our bus and decide we were nothing they wanted to eat. Rare Carnivors also make their homes at the Wilds and of course a fence kept them from us as we surely would have made a good meal. Our guide educated us on conservation, resortation , research, and shared animal facts about the indigenous speices. Many from around the world visit and study there to learn about their own animals which are extinct in their home lands. It was an honor to witness such an extordinary site right here in Ohio.

5- B Embroidery Factory of Zanesville was our next destination. Here the Biels family welcomed us to an all Ohio Industry famous for decorating our hats, shirts, jackets and any other fabric items. The factory derived its name from the fact that 5 members of one family built up this business. Over the years 28 family members became involved. It was interesting to hear how a home based business on a home sewing machine developed into a million dollar industry. As we heard the story unfold we realized we were witnessing the evidence of what has happened to American Industries because of our global trade agreements in recent years. We watched the sewing heads as they used computers to create beautiful designs. No day would be complete without some shopping so many visited the store to purchase shirts, hats, and jackets with B & B embroidery. A good meal and a pleasant drive home ended our educational trip to the hills of southern Ohio.


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