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9/23/2010 2:00:39 PM

I have just joined a new free site The title is fitting for the new technological world we now live in. I stated a form titled " Screenplay Writer Unite" Under this formed not only those who have now retired after living life can join, but all who have pick up the hobby of writing. Under this form I also started a thread to invite DVD PRODUCTION COMPANIES who like to line their back pockets to also join. The young have great ideas on how to help their peers and we can get creative ourselves from watching them. I have a young lad who has great outdoor skills and use of outdoor equipment. He will show us videos that can be piece together for sales in DVD form. This lad of course will do so with his hunting, fishing and woodworking skills to help other teens enjoy the great outdoors. Marketing skill of videos piece together for him can work for outdoor sports trade shows, sales incentives for sports stores or help young groups stay active in the outdoors. From his view you can learn to incorporate your business in the same manner the young of today’s generation can connect with. Thus bringing new life to your business and sales. I’ll be introducing him there next month, so join me at

Thank you,

Doris Anne Beaulieu


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