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Alyssa Brush

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Share at leasr 2 thing
9/3/2010 8:43:33 AM

Has anyone had a positive or negative experience recently on a social networking site? If so, Please share, we need to learn and share wih each other.



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Myrna Ferguson

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RE: Share at leasr 2 thing
9/3/2010 2:13:15 PM

I have found the hi5 to be good site. Not on it a lot, but I like it so far.

RE: Share at leasr 2 thing The Best of the internet
9/4/2010 4:16:23 AM

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Jeffrey Obrien

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RE: Share at least 2 things
9/4/2010 6:16:34 AM

Hello All,

Okie Dokie,I found Hi 5 was mainly for children,teenagers,etc which I soon left,LinkedIn is totally Awesome full of the best resources LinkedIn have to offer members it's about a 60% good place to meet Business people.

Then there is Directmatches well I cannot say enough about that website because I have a 75,992 left wing and 76,000 right wing really good money coming through here.

I have also been to faceBook had a shocking spam related problems there which follow you everywhere you go,I do NOT recommend going there.You will be emailed from people you have never heard of & are not even members.

i really feel that these Social websites like twitter is a great resource As far as information,power brokers,Hollywood heavy weights,are there which makes the mind boggle.Mel Gibson,Danny Glover,Arnold Schwarzenegger are on my friends lists,gives me food for thought when media are on their backs about their lives then I feel that these websites are dangerous,can cause wars.

The main reason of these types of websites is to bring people together,keep it in mind social websites can be a place for fun are really not for everyone,most of my time is spent learning or earning money,I use because this Place is fully professional,I really do mean this,I have been advertising adland for as long as I have been a member since 2000 on one profile & 2002 on another.

The members here are great friends here are real friends,of course there are the time wasters & over Zealous blow-throughs that come and go as fast as they Join they are moving onto another site to build another profile.I see it everywhere I go it becomes like spam you see it and delete it.,but by far this website ADLANDPRO.COM is the BEST ADVERTISING & SOCIALLY ACCEPTED website ONLINE & as I read the many informative threads,remembering all of mine have put many smiles,laughter & happy thoughts driven by inspiration I get from reading profiles and comments about other member's I can also read comments about other members being the POTW all with a click of my mouse.

I love adland & I always will,it has a special spot in my life of which will stay with me until I close my eyes and go to God.

respectfully always


RE: Share at least 2 things
9/4/2010 2:07:57 PM

Allyssa, I saw your post the other day and had not gotten around to responding. Roger reminded me so here I am.

I would like to second what Jeffrey has to say about Adland. He pretty much summed up my feelings there. I have made many online friends here and feel like they are 'best friends'. It has also been a way for me to use my creativity to help others. I have always loved Nature and the Arts, so here I get to expand that desire to see others get more involved. It is a great community and I do a lot of advertising here also.

At one time I was in so many social groups and networks, I just decided to give all of them up with the exception of just a few. I am in Facebook mainly as contact with family and other friends. I also use it to promote Adland and advertise my products. We have a group there - Adlanders in Facebook, which was started by Pat Bartch and Georgios Paraskevopoulos, they made me an administrator also, so I keep Adlanders updated who don't visit much anymore. I also have my own Expressions of Nature Art Exhibit there. I try to post a picture from my place each day of my flowers or something relating to Nature.

I use YouTube and rarely MySpace. Also, I am a member of SingSnap recommended by Pauline Raina. I don't sing like most of them but I like to hear others. I am on Twitter but rarely use it.

I publish my books through and am very pleased with them so far.




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