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What Can $15 Do To Improve Your Sex Life?
8/19/2010 12:23:59 PM

If you can share 3 minutes with me, I’ll show you what $15 can do to improve any unsatisfying, unfulfilled or frustrated sex life.

In 2004, the church board of the church where I fellowship assigned me to head the counseling department of that ministry. 2 weeks into my assignment, I discovered that 90% of all the issues that came to my table were family issues and 75% of those issues were bordering on each of couples’ individual sex or sexual lives. So I went digging for information that will help me in my assignment.

It is amazing what you can find when you dig for a couple of years and till date, I’m still digging.

I have since grown from a church counselor to a certified family life consultant and have lectured in over 400 seminars in 11 countries on family life. It is with this background that was able to come up and developed this wonderful 3 weeks e-lesson which I call “Powerful Sex Life”

You will get this 3 weeks e-lesson plus my mentorship on sex life for another 3 weeks for only $15

You will agree with me that a fulfilling and highly satisfying sex life which I called “Powerful Sex Life”, is the most critical factor in achieving happiness in marriage. I also believe that powerful sex life can be one of life’s greatest source of happiness and single most important factor in making life worthwhile.

If you are over 18, you must have figured that most adults get excited about sex but what we can’t really tell is how many of these adults are actually satisfied, fulfilled and happy about there sex lives.

-Are you always too tired for sex? You make excuses whenever your partner approaches you for sex. When you enroll, I will teach you how to save up enough energy to satisfy your partner no matter the type of job or day time activity you engage on.

-”I have never experienced Orgasm.” Don’t worry, I will give you effective tips on how to have a good one in your next sex session.

-For the men I will teach you how to overcome premature ejaculation

-I will also help you understand the difference between the male and the female sexuality.


You will receive answers to all your sex questions.

Remember its 3 weeks e-lesson. This means you will receive all your lessons in the privacy of your mailbox. Your privacy will be highly protected.

Once again, I will show you;

-how to boast your sexual energy

-tips on increasing sexual pleasure

-problems that can destroy your sex life and how to avoid them

-how to satisfy a man sexually

-how to satisfy a woman sexually (View this topic for free now on:

You will get all these lessons plus my bonus for only $15


Hey! There is 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked! What this means is that after the first lesson and you feel you’ve not gotten a good info that can help you improve your sex life, just let us know and we will refund your money right away. This is the reason we are using LIBERTY RESERVE cos its easy to transfer funds on LIBERTY RESERVE.


Yes. It is for only the first 50 people that enrolls.


Step 1: Transfer $15 that is 15USD through LIBERTY RESERVE


A/C NAME: Henry Obed

A/C NUMBER:U7492630

Step2: Send me a mail on with your name and transfer details and you will receive a confirmation mail and your lesson schedule in your mailbox.


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