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Michael Caron

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RE: Stuff to make you think
8/19/2010 3:30:30 AM
Hi Roger. I sure can use some stuff to make me stink, I mean think. These were some very informative videos, however I am wondering why the author uses a train car as his settings. It is quite eery in fact. I am not sure just how long it was, but I saw a movie called "Dream Scape" that took place in a train car. The car would fade, leaving the dreamer alone in space, twirling and landing in another demension. However, the DNA sequence in this recitation explains a few things. When identical twins are seperated at birth and never told about one another, if one of the twins falls and scrapes his knee, the other will complain about his knee hurting. If one is raised in a quiet environment, but the other is raised in a house of turmoil, the first one will tend to be withdrawn as his life progresses.
There are many mysteries in our world, however they are not difficult to solve.
I hope this comes out right. I remember reading in the Bible a short passage about Cain leaving with his wife. I asked my parents where he got a wife, and when they asked why I would ask such a stupid question I replied. "GOD took a rib from Adam as he slept and created Eve so that he would not be alone." I went on to ask, "If Adam and Eve were the first man and woman and had two sons, where did the extra woman come from unless Eve also had a daughter?" Knowing what I was implying, my mother dragged me into the bathroom and washed my mouth out with soap.
Another mystery to me is how modern they appear to be in the Bible. None of the Cavemen looked anything like them, although they supposedly came along time after Adam and Eve. Adam's sons toiled in the gardens and raised Live-Stock, however the Cavemen had trouble trying to figure out how to make fire. Please don't wash my mouth out with soap, although we have come a long way from Lye soap, and there are several different fraquences now.

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Roger Macdivitt .

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RE: Stuff to make you think
8/19/2010 12:31:23 PM


I will take a proper look later.

Thanks Luis

Roger Macdivitt .

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RE: Stuff to make you think
8/19/2010 12:33:43 PM

Great posting Michael.

Lots to think about there.


Roger Macdivitt .

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RE: Stuff to make you think
8/22/2010 7:44:24 PM

Try these.

Let us now how you managed.

Say these as fast as you can (or can't).


15 Funny Tongue Twisters for Adults

Dr. Johnson and Mr. Johnson,
After great consideration,
Came to the conclusion
That the Indian nation
Beyond the Indian Ocean
Is back in education
Because the chief occupation is cultivation.

A skunk sat on a stump.
The stump thought the skunk stunk.
The skunk thought the stump stunk
What stunk the skunk or the stump?

A twister of twists once twisted a twist;
A twist that he twisted was a three-twisted twist;
If in twisting a twist one twist should untwist,
The untwisted twist would untwist the twist.

A flea and a fly in a flue
Said the fly "Oh what should we do"
Said the flea "Let us fly"
Said the fly "Let us flee"
So they flew through a flaw in the flue

There was a fisherman named Fisher,
who fished for some fish in a fissure.
Till a fish with a grin,
pulled the fisherman in.
Now they're fishing the fissure for Fisher.

Denise sees the fleece,
Denise sees the fleas.
At least Denise could sneeze
and feed and freeze the fleas.

If you understand, say "understand".
If you don't understand, say "don't understand".
But if you understand and say "don't understand".
How do I understand that you understand? Understand!

Billy Button bought a buttered biscuit,
did Billy Button buy a buttered biscuit?
If Billy Button bought a buttered biscuit,
Where's the buttered biscuit Billy Button bought ??

One-one was a race horse.
Two-two was one too.
One-one won one race.
Two-two won one too.

I'm not a pheasant plucker,
I'm a pheasant pluckers son.
And I'm only plucking pheasants
'till the pheasant plucker comes.

Once upon a barren moor
There dwelt a bear, also a boar.
The bear could not bear the boar.
The boar thought the bear a bore.
At last the bear could bear no more
Of that boar that bored him on the moor,
And so one morn he bored the boar
That boar will bore the bear no more.

Of all the felt I ever felt,
I never felt a piece of felt
which felt as fine as that felt felt,
when first I felt that felt hat's felt.

To sit in solemn silence in a dull dark dock,
In a pestilential prison with a life long lock,
Awaiting the sensation of a short sharp shock,
From a cheap and chippy chopper on a big black block.

I need not your needles, they're needless to me;
For kneading of noodles, 'twere needless, you see;
But did my neat knickers but need to be kneed,
I then should have need of your needles indeed.

Silly Sally swiftly shooed seven silly sheep.
The seven silly sheep Silly Sally shooed
shilly-shallied south.
These sheep shouldn't sleep in a shack;
sheep should sleep in a shed.

Nick Grimshawe

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RE: Stuff to make you think
8/22/2010 8:41:08 PM

Hi Roger ,

Thanks for posting this. I will work my way through all of them. I just watch the first one, and it is fascinating stuff indeed. I've been following along with all these scientific developments and more and more science seems to be aligning to "new age/old age" thought. Very exciting, very interesting. The planet begins to awaken.


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