Mourners carry the body of Palestinian Izz ad-Din Tamimi
© Mohamad Torokman / Reuters
Mourners carry the body of Palestinian Izz ad-Din Tamimi during his funeral on June 6, 2018
A Palestinian man was shot dead for throwing a stone at an Israeli soldier during a confrontation in the village of Nabi Saleh in the West Bank.

According to the initial report by human rights group B'Tselem, the victim was 21-year-old Izz ad-Din Tamimi, who died from a neck wound after being shot by Israeli forces.

An IDF spokesman confirmed on Twitter that they did indeed shoot a Palestinian man, who was confronting soldiers with 10 others, while they were conducting an arrest in the village northwest of Ramallah.

The IDF spokesperson explained that troops "responded with riot dispersal means."

According to the IDF, Tamimi managed to hit one of the soldiers in the head with a rock. The soldier then immediately responded to the assault by firing at the Palestinian. The spokesman said that he was "given medical treatment at the scene," but did not survive.

"No IDF troops were injured," the spokesperson confirmed.

A video of the aftermath of the incident was provided by Mohammad Attalah Tamimi (Warning: graphic footage).

Mohammad Atallah Tamimi
© Facebook
Mohammad Atallah Tamimi
One of the residents in the village who witnessed the incident told Haaretz that Tamimi had been wanted by Israeli security forces and they entered the village to arrest him.

The incident occurred in the same village where jailed Palestinian protester Ahed Tamimi comes from. She is currently serving an eight-month jail term for slapping an Israeli soldier. She has been hailed as one of the symbols of Palestinian resistance.

The IDF said it's investigating this latest incident, in which Izz ad-Din Tamimi was killed, but it's far from the first case of Palestinians being shot.

Last Friday, as the Great March of Return protests entered their 10th week, a 21-year-old medical worker, Razan Al-Najar, was shot by the IDF while she was helping the wounded. At least three other medical workers were wounded on the same day.

Over 120 Palestinians have been killed since the start of the protests. Israel says it has a right to defend itself from violent rioters, who want to cross the border fence.

Meanwhile, a draft bill has been proposed in the Knesset that seeks to criminalize the recording of Israeli soldiers on duty. Offenders would get up to five years behind bars.