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RE: Events and Groups
9/11/2011 12:43:53 PM
Well What I have seen is that just a forum is just that. Adding new topics and new threads.
Groups to me is the main hub and starting point. Creating a group has all the workings with Image for main page, city, address, website, and email. Events, Albums, Forums, and post made are all visible from the main Groups page. Then you can create an event related to the group, show the photo album, and create forums for a better understanding of what the group is about. Here is one Group that is not close to being complete but has the possibilities to build on it.

This is a forum that was done with out knowing that It should have been inside the group. Created before really looking at where it should have been created. I will fix this or delete it and try to redirect people that have joined to the right starting point.


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