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RE: What Would Jesus Say - Spiritual Evolution
5/28/2011 4:56:24 PM
i checked out the site... i don't think Jesus would say any of those things. i don't know where the author of that site gets his information, but it's so far-fetched. he should double-checked all information and not spread disinformation over the internet.

the only 2 commandments that jesus said.
1) Love God above all else
2) Love yourself and your neighbors

it was implied on that site that Jesus didn't die for our sins. how did he disprove it? was he alive during that time to verify if the miracles and resurrection written were not true? how did that person disprove everything that some religion teach?

i don't believe in anything unless i can prove it to myself or use logical reasoning. so, for me to even believe that jesus died for us, so our souls can be saved, is already saying much. if you want to know why i believe that all those things in passion of christ happened, then just contact a psychic. no kidding. if you don't believe in psychics, you won't believe half of the things i know to be true.

i hope that author don't use the name of jesus to make it seem like he had a "spiritual evolution"... making things up, without scientific nor logical reasoning, or even historical credibility is pityful

Arthur Webster

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RE: What Would Jesus Say - Spiritual Evolution
6/9/2011 4:22:45 PM

What was this extracted from, the Book of Mormon? It seems to be written in the same style.

According to the Bible, we know what Jesus would say because we have so many presuming to know God's will and the way that God will interact with mankind.

The day that religion got organised, God disappeared from the scene. Religion does not allow God to exist because the various churches each have their own contradictory ideas of just what God intends.

I see that this diatribe reinforces the idea that Judas was a traitor to Jesus. This is so far from the truth since it was necessary for Judas to betray Jesus in order to fulfill a prophesy that Jesus made. By betraying Jesus, Judas was doing Jesus' will.

God told mankind that where ever two or more people were gathered in His name, He would also be present. Where the gathering took place was never a question, only the intent was important. All the religious real estate scattered over the globe is simply an indication of the way in which mankind has taken the teachings of Jesus and turned them into a money making formula rather than a spiritual balm.

RE: What Would Jesus Say - Spiritual Evolution
7/5/2011 7:36:57 AM
Radical Abundance: David Korten Presentation

This video helps people understand where Churches are failing us. They, like society are controlling, top down where in actual fact, people are all equal under God.

RE: What Would Jesus Say - Spiritual Evolution
8/14/2011 7:42:55 AM
What happened to the Golden Rule ?Do as you would be done by. Empire has done its dirty deeds to keep the knowledgr that is within all hearts from knowing divine connectivity with creator. As it stands we are on a precipice for rejecting this intelligence that knows the reality of our very being.
Denial of our sense of truth vrs falsehood has made creature over creator and now failing as an experiment of nature, failing to embrace life without fear. When a man and woman narry they become one, God incarnate and through the child comes the emancipation of humanity.Let us hope we can sort this mess out so future generations are not mutilated by all damaging effects that a disconnected,dysfunctional zombie degeneracy that is beginning to take over as a result of being disconnected from creator. A greta opportunity exists for all of us to evolve a better understanding of our collective and individual power. Only by this self-awareness , conscious awareness embracing the ONE will we realize no aspect of bad choices made rule over us all.
Us All Living Love
That is all that is required
Do we have to convince people to love?
The feelings and emotions are key to everything
Our society frowns on men who have feelings
if we allow that he wont be able to blow someones head off so easily as he will ask himself, 'maybe this is not a good idea, this is another human being like me and what right do I have to kill men,woman, and children.
Rapidly reaching a state of redundancy whereby it becomes virtually impossible to distinguish right from wrong. The conscience is buried in patriotic fervor as empire milks the blood from our sons and daughters.
Now it is to the Point that the enemy is in our back yards, even in our families as bad choices knows no boundaries.When you work in compliance with the dark forces you surrender your divine inheritance for fodder. The depth psychology on these psychpaths would make anyone shudder if truth be known of how they operate seeking your extinction without batting an eye.
I am a quester and jump as high as I can to see the rushing river and invite all to join me to the new world in the making. This world is an illusion and with your non-compliance we all can create the world from our heart center. Harmony will thus ensue and those that refuse will be signing their own death warrant by anihilation as the new world will no longer support blood spilling
Gregg Andely
RE: What Would Jesus Say - Spiritual Evolution
8/14/2011 8:15:26 AM

For the first time in the history of civilization, man has the ability and opportunity to fulfill the message in the The Lords Prayer.

"It Shall Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven"

I believe soon the World Financial System will collapse.

We need to transition to a World without money.

We just need to convince people to live like early intelligent native people did, and share all that we produce.

See Bogdan's forum and more The Venus Project.

I have been working on the type of system required to; redesign the taxation and money system while having the full intention to phase the money system out of existence.

The only requirement to complete this task is to educate people about the evil system in place now and convince them of all the advantages of working for no money but paying no money for anything they pay for now.


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