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RE: Population Growth/ Without Limit?= overpopulation
3/31/2010 1:04:53 AM
Yes ! I am very much for population control ! There is nothing humane about having children when you are not prepared, can't care for, feed, have a place for them, security and love ...

8 years of foster care with medically fragile children was quite the eye opener.

School should have students visiting in hospitals, orphanages ... spending time with babies and little ones ... to learn they are work, not just play.

I really think a major part of our resources and money should go into birth control, prevention !
RE: Population Growth/ Without Limit?= overpopulation
3/31/2010 4:32:07 AM

Linda, great thoughts. The one about schools proves the fed education system has dumbed down our kids.... A tv program about an over weight nation, city also showed that parents or schools do not even teach any basics of use of tables utensils, the basics about names of vegetables, fruit, where food really comes from... The cook/chef on program was astonished that children (after knowing - seeing what makes up-goes into some foods they are used to eating) still wanted to eat it because they were hungry. ( we are brainwashed into thinking we must)

Rebecca Swinson


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