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RE: AdlandPro affiliates did You Know?
9/3/2010 3:20:10 PM

I sure don't understand either. What would be the benefit of doing that?

Looking at the current url of this page, it looks like this:

my id, mahofst is already there. It means that I am on my account, my pages, and looking AT Pauline's forum. By the way, Jan did you invite your friends here to your post. Pauline's friends were not invited either. Whenever posting in someone else's forum, NO ONE GETS INVITED. The visitors who came by so far came via, forum posting history.

Hi Mary,

I'm glad you are asking very detailed questions and to the point.

The previous poster refers to different issue than you are presenting here. The other poster refers to share button which appears on every page of this site. It looks something like this
$share $

When you click on this, it will give you your special code with your affiliate id in it.
This is the only proper code.

The link you have provided here is only available when you browse forums, and the id at the end is meant to keep the info about the forum visitations for you, so forum or post link is displayed with bold letters if you have not read it yet, and regular text if you already have visited it.

Regarding posting in other people forums. If you had the ability to inform all members of other people forums, we would create paradise for spammers here. They could plug their spam and all people of every forum would be notified.

Also we have special forum to discuss technical things like this here.

If you post it there, it has better chance to be answered sooner.

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