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Get 100's of Hits Per Day!! All for Free!! Works like a Charm ! Targeted Traffic
1/14/2010 4:50:19 PM
There are Thousands of people that tell you how to get Traffictoyour Site. Only about 1/10 of the systems of those people ReallyWork!!
The Best and Foremost is Traffic Exchanges. It is Work and takes a Lot of Time but it Does draw people to your pages.
Istartedon Dec 14,2009, since then I have had 34 sign-ups, 872 clickson mypage(s), 12 paid Members, and 14 New Members to my Affiliate AdsForum!!
Tellme Traffic Exchanges Don't work and I willTell you that you don't workat it!! If you Do Nothing then that iswhat you will Get Nothing!!
I was off the net on Dec 16 till Dec 19 as I lost my Sister-in-Law!! She was one year younger than my wife is!!
And I still Got Tons of Sign-ups, Paid Members, and new members to my Affiliate Ads Forum.

FYI:Ihave Paid NOTHING in the 20+ years I have been Affiliate Marketing!!Ifyou can Afford it then I Don't care if you throw your Money in theTrash- Bin. I for one keep my Money and Spend it on my Family.
Which I might Add is Getting larger...LOL
3Sons,4 grandkids and 2 great Grandkids...the Last Great Grand Childwas Bornon Dec 25,2009 and was 8 lbs 8oz and 19 1/2 inches long!! ALittleGirl!! That is Where All my Money goes!!

Now I am the Proud Owner of "General Shopping Top-Site Lists". Do you know what that is?

Youposta Text and/or Banner Ad on this Large Board. Post it and forgetit. Itstays there forever unless you Change the Ad or Banner!! You puta SmallHTML code (just copy and paste) on your Site. It is Called aVote Code.Then people coming from your page you will receive one INvote. TheyClick on someone else's Ad or Banner they receive one OUTvote. The MoreVotes you get the Higher you go on the lists. The Max Ads and/or banners is just about Unlimited. Can have up 300+ pages with 25 per page.
Youwantto get on the 1ST page not the last or way down the Lists. Otherpeoplecome from other sites and if they like what your Ads Says thentheyClick on YOUR ad or Banner. You get 1 OUT vote.
It is EveryoneHelping Everyone. Great Way to bring Traffic into your page(s)withoutdoing more than 10 minutes of copy and pasting of the HTML codeon yourpage!!
No Work like the Traffic Exchanges are!!

I am Living Proof that it Works!!! Not only on Traffic Exchanges but also Top-Site Lists!!
Most Top-Site Lists are specific to One Topic!
General Shopping takes All Topics. Be it one product, getting new sign-ups for your business or anything Else!!

Traffic Exchanges takes a Lot of Time !! to get other people to sign up on your ID of the Traffic Exchanges...Oh yea, I have18 sign-ups on One of my Traffic Exchanges too. on another one I have 9and still another one I have 12 in addition to the Above sign-ups. I oweit all to Traffic Exchanges!! IT Works.

The Best Part!!
EVERY THING is FREE !! YOU PAY Nothing at all!!!!

My General Shopping Top-Site Lists is also FREE to post your Ads and/or Banners there.
YoudoNOT have to put the Vote Code on the page of the URL where yousendpeople when they click on your Ad. The Vote Code can be on Any PageyouChoose!! You can Also Vote on your Own page to Help bring it to theTopof the Lists.
There are Very Few HITs and Votes at this time asitis ONLY 4 Days Old. So get in while the getting is Good. I have21Members at this time!!
You will Not get ANY e-mail Not even 1 E-mail from General Shopping Top-Site Lists.

Do You E-Mail Market? Ifor 1 have found out that it Does NOT work for the Money you page.Ifyou sign up for E-mail market to send your Ads to 200,000 peoplethenyou get only 1% which is 200 and 1 % fo that 200 is all the signupsyou will get. Is it worth getting TONS of Spam mail to get only2sign-ups. I don't think so.

The TOP 6 are:
1.- EasyHits4U

2.- TrafficSplash

3.- GlobalBlaster


5.- HenryHits

6 - TrafficGoldRush


Allof theAbove Traffic Exchanges gives you Sign-up Bonus's and AlsoContests allthe time with Special Bonus for Surfing the Pages. Theseare the Best Ihave Found out of about Fifty I have Joined and Deletedmy Account onall but the TOP 6 above.

Use Each one of theTraffic Exchangesto Advertise the other Traffic Exchanges. Get Sign-upsunder you andyou get LOTs of Credits without having to Surf the pages.
ThereareUpgrades Available for only Pennies per month(to quote theTE's)However I am Doing GREAT on the FREE Account. I haven't Paidforanything like this in 20+ Years and I see No Reason to Start Now!!

Have a Great Day
I wish you Much Success

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