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Potw Team

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It's Time To Congratulate THOMAS RICHMOND, The 206th POTW!
9/30/2009 5:25:30 PM


                                                     Congratulations to the 206th POTW:  Thomas Richmond!



First off, thank you, Bogdan, our famed CEO of Adlandpro, for giving us members a way to meet
friends and advertise. To Kathleen, whom without this POTW would have never gotten restarted
again, and to dear friend Luka, great help of Adlandpro keep Kathleen in good spirits!  Your
helping her is commendable, thank you.

I started online about 5 years now, 2004, in a community called Direct Matches, it wasnt very
long after when I was introduced to Adlandpro, first members greeting me were LaNell, Patricia,
Amanda, John Sanchez, Patricia Martin, John Partington, Nick Sym, and of course, Kathy Hamilton.
If I have left anyone out, you can shoot me if you want. LOL!  I named names because it was
these people who showed me how to communicate with other marketers, John Sanchez and I were and
are both spiritual men so that was a given for me to enjoy what the community had to offer.
It helped me grow into more than a preacher of Christ, I make my living online now with two
websites, however I still affiliatewith many.

My childhood wasn't all that great with a father who left me when I was 4, it was tough for my
mother, especially when you're physically handicapped from the legs, somehow we developed
some sort of polio with MD at birth, thank God my sister doesn't have it, she's normal just
like you, LOL.  But as time went by and no father to look up to, not knowing any direction for
my life,I of course went the wrong way in life with drugs, booze, and a stripper who I later
married at 19, too young but I couldn't stay with my stepfather for he was a drunkard who
liked to hit a lot. So it was time for me to leave and the only way I knew how was to live with
someone with an apartment, I fell in love, she did not, one year to the day, she died of an
overdose of heroine. I blamed myself, she did hide that stuff from me but I still blamed me for
a very very long time.

I eventually at the age of 33 changed my tune with a disciple of Christ who met me at some bus
stop in Glendale, California about 3 miles from where I was born, Burbank. I went out to a park
service he invited me to and felt love and a heart-wrenching sermon, but I thought to myself,
these guys are crazy, everyone giving me hugs, welcoming me, giving me food, I thought to
myself, what a strange looking bunch of Jesus freaks. LOL! Man, was I wrong, so wrong that I did
study out the scriptures as Rabbi Jesus taught in the first century church to His, we now know of
them, as the Apostles. One layback though I had to go through what the church has called
"Chemical Recovery Class" a service for ex-drug users and poeple who want to get off of them,
goes for alcohol too, I had to go through that before I could get baptized into Christ's spirit,
so about 7 months of talk, crying and writing a journal of my wrongdoings and mistakes, it was
somewhat of a cleansing, eventually passed with a certificate I keep in a frame till this day
and one more picture of me getting bapized 3 months later, I spend my time preaching, advertising
and helping those in need, giving my service to politics, blood donations and preaching the word,
hoping to save the lost poeple who dont know Christ like I do, and so there you have it, my story.

If you need me, I'll be at Bizzy Blogz or somewhere online where you can reach me at anytime.
Thank you once again Adlandpro for your services and friends i have, they're so dear to me.
God_bless you and your families. - Best Regards-
Thomas Richmond A.k.a. Prayerwarrior


Congratulations, Thomas, for your honesty and for being here at Adlandpro and still alive and healthy in spirit!   Have a fantastic week during your 2nd run as POTW!


                                                                                                    Sharon Lee


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                                                                                                  Jan Green



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Thanks for visiting, posting, and participating in the weekly Nominations/Election!  The link to this week's 207th POTW poll is below in the signature file, ending next Tuesday, October 6th!

Have a great week, Sincerely your POTW Team, Kathleen VanBeekom and Luka Babic


Mary Hannan

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RE: It's Time To Congratulate THOMAS RICHMOND, The 206th POTW!
9/30/2009 5:45:57 PM

Hello Team,
Congratulations to Sharon & Jill!

King Thomas!
Enjoy your week!


Branka Babic

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RE: It's Time To Congratulate THOMAS RICHMOND, The 206th POTW!
9/30/2009 6:09:26 PM

Kathleen, you must be happy now :) ! Old good WooooHooooo spirit is again here, and supports your great friend and former team-mate, our new king Thomas. Not to mention Jan, who`s charming appearance adds so much to the magic of this ambient. AH, THIS WOULD BE WEEK TO REMEMBER :) !







Kathleen Vanbeekom

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RE: It's Time To Congratulate THOMAS RICHMOND, The 206th POTW!
9/30/2009 6:40:31 PM

If he don't look good, we don't look good!  (LOL little jokey about the editing...I think Thomas's original bio was one looooong sentence!)  CONGRATS!!


RE: It's Time To Congratulate THOMAS RICHMOND, The 206th POTW!
9/30/2009 7:03:01 PM

Thanks to POTW Team! 

Thomas!!  Thank you for your story and inspiring message.  Your Adland community work is always appreciated.  Enjoy your week!

NOTW Sharon Lee & Jan Green -



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