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*Huge Launch - Call at Noon - Secure a FREE Position!
9/19/2009 2:35:38 PM

Here's ours.. this is one of the HUGE ones! : )

An Income Storm is coming!

Secure a spot FREE if you haven't yet.. sounds like this is going to be BIG.
It's called Income Storm and people are joining like wildfire! Tell your people!!

Here is the email I just got about the call:

Frank, all we can say is great work building your team during this serious time of Pre-enrollment.

Here's what we want to do Extra Special for YOU tomorrow, Saturday Sept. 19th @ 12 PM Noon EST…

We're going to hold a very private (We are VERY Serious when
we say "VERY PRIVATE" High-Level CALL) with all the Leaders
such as You, Frank.

Our goal for doing this call is to get you clued in on what's
about to be unfolded here behind the curtain, so to speak,
of Secure Your Cash.

If you're up to this mission, we want you on the call.

Here are the "VERY PRIVATE" details:

Saturday Sept. 19th @ 12PM Noon EST 1-218-486 1400 pin: 13959#

Important: Lines will be locked at the start of the call. If you're
not on when we start, you'll have to catch the next one..



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