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Donggeun Yoo

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I Shouldn't be alive !!
9/3/2009 3:19:59 PM

I Shouldn't be alive !!


Yesterday I received an email "Can I pay you *$39 by paypal?" from someone.

I thought it was a scam.

They said that we will get *$213997 valued gallery of products for *$39 and also that we could make some fast moneyby a*dvertising our website.

I shouldn't be alive for what I thought.

Within 3 hours I received an email from them with my user name and password to access the complete gallery.

I was astonished to see the colossal big gallery .

I am downloa*ding the products since yesterday night and have downloa*ded nearly 1.1 gb till now.

Plus to my luck or what - many people are purchasing the gallery from my turnkey website for *$39.

You can see my name listed here on the proof's page

I really shouldn't be alive for what I was thinking before joining this fortune program.

Now Swing your credit card and purchase the gallery and join via me very very happily.

I hope we will make perhaps more more money via this program - I say the "Best Online Program of 2008".

Join right now via my link here. No need to wait and think.


You will be happy like I am now.


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Nick Sym

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RE: I Shouldn't be alive !!
9/3/2009 10:56:21 PM

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