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Bob Sims

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Robert Phillips
10/10/2005 6:13:58 AM
Sounds like a good place and fun too ! Thinking it over.
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Jose Arantes De Campos

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Robert Phillips
1/23/2007 6:46:14 AM
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Elvin Shaver

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Robert Phillips
3/14/2007 4:07:00 AM
He souns like he know what he is doing, and that is a good think. And I think I could learn something from him. Thankyou, Elvin Shaver:
Elvin W. Shaver
Dan Abra

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Robert Phillips
3/18/2007 9:03:17 PM
Very Good forum
Robert Phillips
4/3/2007 11:09:44 AM
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Tracie Towson Prouduct Care Consultant/Independent Business Owner

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