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Marion Tucker

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Michael... Clayton
7/24/2005 8:20:01 PM
Hi Michael, You have some interesting sites. I wish you much success now and in the future. You are a great addition to Adland Pro. Blessings, Marion
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Michael... Clayton
8/6/2005 3:02:06 AM
Good links!
Michael... Clayton
8/24/2005 6:27:49 AM
Good job building your webpage and networking.

Randall Parks/FreeAloePlant

Randall Parks/Cactus and yucca

Michael... Clayton
9/1/2005 11:10:11 PM
Dolores Light, RN
Norm Bisel

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Michael... Clayton
9/8/2005 1:39:36 PM
Thank you for visiting my pages yesterday. Norm !
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