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Norm Bisel
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Luis Baez - (9/5/2009 5:20:50 PM) : Like to invite you a biz call at 7:00pm PST 712-432-0075 Pin: 917581# Invite everyone you know this is Awesome
Heidi Morales - (10/12/2005 11:59:26 AM) : Norm is a great friend to have! Thanks for being my friend Norm!

Bill Braylark - (9/25/2005 9:41:31 AM) : Dear Norm,

Nice site...wish you all the success in all your endeavors.

Warm regards,

President & CEO
Dawn Smith - (9/9/2005 7:03:53 PM) : lovely photo and very friendly messages.
Norm Bisel - (9/9/2005 7:03:53 PM) : Thank you Dawn for taking time.

The photo is my little Chihuahua about 3 years ago. She has grown a little but is still small and cute.

Norm !

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Marion Tucker - (9/8/2005 1:52:47 PM) : Hi Norm,

Your puppy is so cute! I like your website as well. Some good info there.

Norm Bisel - (9/8/2005 1:52:47 PM) : Ah you noticed my Puppy, That is why I don't post my photo, the Girls wouldn't say they liked my photo. He He

Thanks for the rate Norm !
FAITH FAITH - (9/8/2005 7:39:48 AM) :
Hello Norm, CUTE DOG!!! I am Faith and I would like to share with you and others, and thank you for being my friend.

I don't see any ads you posted yet, If I can help in anyway, please let me know.

I am rating your site and you a 10 on Adlandpro and welcome!!!!

People who make the most money are the people who advertise the most. Let’s face it, if no one knows about your business, then you might as well not have one This will help you get started and view my webpage for more solutions that will help you. Thank you Faith


Faith (flt)
Norm Bisel - (9/8/2005 7:39:48 AM) : Thank you Faith,

I really appreciate the rate.

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Lee Talmadge - (9/7/2005 1:22:02 PM) : Hi Norm,
Welcome glad to have you as part of adland family ,I hope you have found it as enjoyable and useful as I have.I wish you success you all you do :-) Lee


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