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Bogdan Fiedur

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Making a success of the job at hand ...
3/4/2005 11:29:28 AM
"Making a success of the job at hand is the best step toward the kind you want." – Bernard Baruch, Financier
Be a victor not a victim. Simply be responsible for what happensin your life.
Truth can only be found by those who have the humility to consider what they do not prefer.

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Karen Yeomans

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Re: Making a success of the job at hand ...
3/4/2005 1:08:49 PM
Hi Bogdan, Very true - one success giving us confidence to continue on to the next level of our business plan. May God Bless you, Karen
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Amalia Sotiriadou

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Re: Making a success of the job at hand ...
3/4/2005 2:28:24 PM
Yep... one step at a time is the best way to go. If you don't fall on your face while taking the current step, you still have the opportunity to go on and take the next one. Eventually you might even get there ;) Amalia
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Thea Westra

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How you do 'anything' is how you do 'everything'.
3/4/2005 6:21:37 PM
Personally, I'm expanding my success with the help of a mastermind group. This group is free of charge and because people are personally invited, the level of conversation is high. Only leaders find themselves on these calls. We have people with many different businesses and no one may mention their companies or products. The call is for taking you to the next level with the successes you desire and for empowering you as a leader in whatever business you choose. Ask me about it or visit my Mentoring For Free link in my signature, below. Love from Thea
Re: Making a success of the job at hand ...
3/5/2005 8:55:12 AM
My understanding of Bernard Baruch's quotation is that you may ,at first, not be able to get the job for which you are qualified but by taking a lower level job you would eventually move up to the level of your qualifications and expecations. I agree with the quotation,it is the sensable think to do.

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