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It's Time To Congratulate JAN GREEN, The 198th POTW!
7/22/2009 1:31:31 PM

                Congratulations to the 198th POTW:  JAN GREEN!



I was born on Veterans Day, November 11 in 1956, in Laurens County, Georgia. This was the same year the state changed its flag to "incorporate the Confederate Battle Flag" which was change in 2001 to display the state seal along with controversy graphics refused by the business sector as well a citizens; thus, caused another flag change in 2003 which is still current.

Mother (Essie) had two children when I arrived, my elder siblings (Linda Knight, current Pastor of Jordan Redeem, House of Deliverance in downtown Dublin, Ga.) and Larry. Their father surmised in a car accident while on military leave. Mother left them in the care of her mother (Linnie Spikes) to stay with her sister (Zenola Clemmons) and take up studies in nursing. My mother and father met at social sponsored by my aunt.
Mother followed my dad to Ohio; three more siblings (Curtis, Christopher and Valencia) were born in Barberton, Ohio. My father (L.C. Johnson) was an industrial wielder at Wadsworth Foundry. I attended Kindergarten and 1st grade at Firestone Elementary, my parents separated in 1965.

Mother returned to Georgia, where she initially started running several businesses (restaurant, cafe, adult social club) until she landed a position in Food and Nutrition at the Carl Vinson Medical Center in Dublin, GA.
I earned enough credits to graduate with the Seniors in 1974 and am recognized in "Whose Who Among American High School Students" ~ my parents would not sign for me to go into the military, after graduating from high school so I was awarded a visit my Aunt Zenola for my graduation gift.

During my visit at Aunt Zenola's, I was offered employment at a local fast food place called Genos. I accepted a cashier's position and several months later, I was offered a part-time clerical support position at a Pedrickstown Army Reserve and Recruitment Office in New Jersey. A friend of Aunt Zenola helped me get this position. This was one of the most exciting times of my life. I got to ride to work with Captain James Poitier who is Actor Sidney Poitier's cousin. Captain Poitier taught me the correct annunciation of their family name, which sounds more like "po' teer". Soon after my 18th birthday, I joined the military.

First Army Reserve; then the regular Army. I was 3rd Squad Leader in basic at Fort Jackson, SC and the only female in a class of 24 for my 2nd MOS training at Fort Monmouth, NJ. Life was good until I missed clearing a jump in physical training. Initial medical treatment was mishandled which caused conflict that ended in being Honorably Discharge with an award of disability compensation. Prior to the injury, I dreamed of becoming a dancer - spoiled dream transcended to business acumen.

I married; my spouse and I purchased a building that use to be a pharmacy and transformed it into a recreation hall (pin ball machines, a pool table and walk-up sandwich shop). I attended Peirce Jr. College in Philadelphia, became President of Beta Lambda Khi Sorority. In 1977, my grandmother (Linnie Spikes, late 90s) surmised. Mother was not well after that and wanted me to stay with her. I transferred to Middle Georgia College, in Cochran, GA to be close to my mom; however, the back and forth traveling; birth of my son and daughter caused problems between my spouse and I that lead to divorce. I suffered deep depression for several years and bounced back in 1986, when I became one of the first graduates from Heart of Georgia Vo-Tech, in Dublin, Ga.

In 1987, I decided to relocate to Atlanta, GA, leaving my two children in the care of my mother. I worked for Kelly Temporary Services until I landed a clerical position at the Atlanta Veterans Affairs Medical Center within months. I also met the "love of my life" Herbert, in October 1987. We have a son, who is a rising senior at Martin Luther King, Jur High School and marching band member - Marching Lions and we have blended our children from previous marraiges (three sons {Kevin, Eric, Jermaine} and two daughers {Kimberly and Valencia} who has given us a total of 11 grands and two great-grands). In addition to working full-time, I attended DeVry Institute of Technology; earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Operation (1994). Resigning from the VA Medical Center in December 2004, I began my first on-line business in February 2005.

2005 was a very good year, two products (AA Turbo and Ethos Fuel Reformulator was a success); I won the Editor's Choice Award for a short poem (LOVE); and my grandson was chosen to be a prodigy for one of his elementary school teachers. The teacher successfully completed a degree to instruct gifted children.

The two products went bust; however, I am okay thanks to local networking. My on-line activities are still works in progress, a social network community in Flux (JazLive); a TrafficEra Surf Team (JazJets) in addition to publishing several blogs and participating in numerous communities (Diggs, Facebook ...)

I encourage AdlandPro Community Members to explore everything this community has to offer.


Congratulations, Jan!  You're a very active member of our community and lots of other online communities. You are one of the most busy people online, thanks for being a very consistent member of Adlandpro for a long time!

                                  Georgios Paraskevopoulos





                                          Roger Macdivitt





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NOMINATIONS/ELECTION thread for this week ending next Tuesday, July 28th for the 199th POTW:


Lucy Walker

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Re: It's Time To Congratulate JAN GREEN, The 198th POTW!
7/22/2009 1:41:17 PM

Dear Jan,

Congratulations on your honor. It is well deserved. It was very inspiring to read your biography.  Keep up your good works here in Adland.



Dimitra Bravou

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Re: It's Time To Congratulate JAN GREEN, The 198th POTW!
7/22/2009 1:53:52 PM

Hello POTW Team.

Thank you for another great POTW.

Congratulations to my friend Jan who is now the new Queen of Adland.

Enjoy your week in the spotlight.

I read your bio. What a life! It seems you lived two lives up to now.

Congratulations to this week's nominators, Georgios and Roger. Good job!



Thomas Richmond

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Re: It's Time To Congratulate JAN GREEN, The 198th POTW!
7/22/2009 2:04:44 PM

JAN GREEN a remakable person for a remakable week.


thank you partner :). 

Enjoy your week JAN !

God_bless you and your family.

POTW partner- Thomas

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Vessie Cottrell

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Re: It's Time To Congratulate JAN GREEN, The 198th POTW!
7/22/2009 2:27:48 PM
Dear Jan,



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