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The Grand Slam of Slots
7/11/2009 11:43:21 AM

The Grand Slam of Slots is finally here! The world's biggest online slots tournament with a huge €1,300,000 prize pool. 482 players will receive a cash prize - with a cool €1 Million heading to the lucky winner.

Money can't buy entry into this record breaking extravaganza! Simply take part in the 32red casino Grand Slam of Slots promotions for your chance to become the world's first online slot millionaire:

How to enter:

Grand Slam of Slots Leaderboards

Daily Grand Slam Leaderboards: Every day, play any of 32red slots to climb your way up the leaderboard. Earn 1 point for every 10 chips wagered - the winner will receive entry into the final.

Grand Slam of Slots Tournaments

Grand Slam Slots Tournaments: Running daily in the download casino are the $250 Grand Slam Slots Tournaments, win the top prize and they'll give you a seat into the Grand Slam of Slots final.

Grand Slam of Slots Mystery Prizes

Mystery Prizes: 32red have free entries to give away to players who make a deposit in the casino. Simply make any deposit over 32 chips and keep an eye on your inbox - you could be a mystery prize winner!

About the final:

The Grand Slam of Slots tournament will be played between the 22nd October and 2nd November. You can play the fantastic Tomb Raider slots at any point between these dates. If you then want to have another go at the tournament and improve your ranking, you have the option to re-buy and then continue playing to improve your score.

  • Final to run over 9 days 17:00 UK Time Thurs 22nd October until 20:00 UK Time Mon 2nd November 2009.
  • Game: Tombraider
  • Starting Coins: 9,000.
  • Unlimited Rebuys of €20 each - have as many goes as you want to improve your score!
  • Up to 3 Add-Ons (Continues) of 4,500 Coins and an extra 30 minutes for €20 each Add On
  • Play Time: Should take approx 10 mins, but play time extended to 1 hour to allow for free spins, bonus features etc.
  • Only a player’s top score appears on the leaderboard and qualifies for a prize.
  • The Grand Slam final is now visible in the lobby from under the following name: ‘Grand_Slam_of_Slots’

Prize Structure:

Position Prize No. of Players Total
1st € 1,000,000 1 € 1,000,000
2nd € 50,000 1 € 50,000
3rd € 25,000 1 € 25,000
4th € 10,000 1 € 10,000
5th € 7,500 1 € 7,500
6th-10th € 5,000 5 € 25,000
11th-20th € 2,500 10 € 25,000
21st-50th € 1,000 30 € 30,000
51st-150th € 500 100 € 50,000
151st-250th € 250 100 € 25,000
251st-450th € 100 200 € 20,000
Specials € 1,000 32 € 32,000

Totals: 482 € 1,299,500

Special Positions- win €1,000 each: 76th, 128th, 178th, 227th, 277th, 332nd, 376th, 474th, 568th, 753rd,947th, 1,177th, 1,627th, 2,013rd, 2,458th, 2,944th, 3,232nd, 3,506th, 3,827th, 4,020th, 4,242nd, 4,588th,5,000th, 5,655th, 5,927th, 6,363rd, 6,941st, 7,126th, 7,411st, 7,813rd, 8,007th and 8,328th.

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