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Larry Parsons

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Re: Cat info and sharing
7/13/2009 3:06:51 PM

We have a crazy Japan short tail cat and how we know she Japan because she doesn't understand word of english Just kidding.She would make great soccer  placer she can run with a ball and not lose it. It fun to watch her attacking rocks or anything she will leap in the air with all four paws in the air on a small rock. she can jump and twist in mid air. This is first time we every had cat and we are  really enjoy her. Oh she love to be love.



Joyce Parker Hyde

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Re: Cat info and sharing
7/13/2009 3:26:52 PM
Oh Sherel and Larry -thanks for coming-I don't know which is funnier! When Cali was a kitten, Fred was training her to fetch the ball. She could do it until his arm wore out. Now she just looks at it-and if-you put it in her paw-she might bat it.
Re: Cat info and sharing
7/13/2009 3:30:08 PM
Teaching your cat to fetch reminds me of a cat my mom used to have, Samuel L. Katz. He had one of those wiggle worm-looking toys that my mom would throw and he would fetch. One day she wasn't in the room and he wanted to play fetch so he got the toy and dropped it into the "Praying Hands" statue on the table! Sherel Daniels
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