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RE: The President That Hates His Country By Joan Swirsky
12/11/2013 5:37:53 PM
Here is a follow up to those photos circulating around the net and I guess this probably does make more sense since almost everything coming from this administration is all lies. Even so I still got a laugh from the photos.

The publicity pushing Obama as King of the World is a Marxist orchestrated cycle.

Michelle the jealous wife media-designed?

By Judi McLeod Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Like the rest of him, Barack Obama’s mass circulated photos from photo-ops like yesterday’s Mandela Memorial, are phony.

The photo of Obama tweeted by the White House on Dec. 5 in response to Nelson Mandela’s death was taken six months earlier at the Robben Island prison where Mandela spent 27 years of his life.

You can call ‘Obama Behind Bars in Robben Island Prison’ Obama’s prepper picture.

While America is being held in an ObamaCare stranglehold, blood pressure shot up when a photo of Obama shaking Cuban President Raul Castro’s hand went viral on the Net yesterday. As that photo was still burning its way through public resentment, came the selfie of Obama with Obama lapdog British Prime Minister David Cameron and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

Only crass, publicity seeking politicians show their grief with selfies.

In the Obama selfie that travelled the globe, a sour-pussed Michelle Obama can be seen in the backdrop.

Another photo depicts Michelle, who changed seats separating her husband from his “new friend” having her hand kissed by Barack Obama.

In yet another photo where Obama is still flanked by Michelle and Thorning-Schmidt, Michelle seems to be giggling behind her hands

In a closeup photo in which Valerie Jarrett, with Susan Rice standing beside her, is peering over Michelle’s shoulder pointing to what appears to be a program held by Barack Obama. In that picture Michelle is sitting the way no mother would ever teach her daughter to sit.

The Obama-Castro handshake photo made room for morons like CNN’s Chris Cuomo to cash in on publicity by declaring that the handshake was really “the spirit of reconciliation”:

“The handshake was obviously a huge moment,” Cuomo said. “But not to be misunderstood, the handshake with Raul Castro, the president of Cuba, we believe was President Obama showing respect to Nelson Mandela and the occasion of today—the spirit of reconciliation”.

In a shot shot when the Obamas were being highlighted on the jumbotron, with Barack still seated beside Thorning-Schmidt, Michelle is seen all a-giggle.

Both Obamas looked smug when Barack was cheered by the crowd in the half-filled stadium where the Memorial took place. But Zimbabwe despot Robert Mugabe was cheered just as loudly. (Pictures)

For more than five years, many have known that the mainstream media is the Ministry of Propaganda for the Obama regime.

Tongues wag when controversial pictures of Obama hit the worldwide web. But wagging tongues keep Obama right where he wants to be: number one in the limelight.

Some must be wondering why the media went so far to present Michelle as the proverbial jealous wife.

Is Michelle Obama being mainstream-media portrayed as a jealous wife for some other reason?

Would Obama, who marches obediently to the tune played by Michelle and her former boss, key Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett, risk enraging the main two women in his life all for a single selfie?

The publicity pushing Obama as King of the World is a Marxist orchestrated cycle. Almost every day there are new complaints, new rants, with new freedom-killing offenses unleashed from the Obama administration enjoying a back seat ride.

Meanwhile, this should be the 2014 New Year’s Resolution for all: Stop complaining about Obama and do something about getting him out of office.

RE: The President That Hates His Country By Joan Swirsky
12/11/2013 6:00:25 PM

A President who is widely perceived as a liar has lost the most important factor that all Presidents require to function, his credibility

Obama’s Moment of Truth—-About His Lies

By Alan Caruba Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I think the bulk of the U.S. population, particularly likely voters in 2014, have reached the point where they no longer believe anything President Obama says.

It coincides with what may be the lowest level of confidence in the U.S. Congress. Its Democratic members all voted for ObamaCare without reading it and the harm it is doing to millions of Americans, along with its total lack of constitutional legitimacy, will likely see those running for election and reelection in the 2014 midterms defeated.

As the first year of Obama’s second term is completed in January, the nation is at a point that I don’t think has existed since the days leading up to the Civil War in 1861. It took until 1865 to conclude that split and a hundred more years to make right the many wrongs that led up to it.

In my life, more than seven and a half decades, I cannot recall a President who has generated such a deep sense of distrust. I say “distrust” because that differs from just disagreeing with a particular President’s policies. I say “distrust” in the context of what people believe no matter their political affiliation.

President Obama cannot be trusted

What we all know now is that President Obama cannot be trusted when he speaks about anything whether it is his signature legislation, the Affordable Health Care Act, or his rejection of decades of U.S. policy toward Iran that began in 1979 when they seized our diplomats in 1979. In the United Nations and in Congress, sanctions were applied that were, until his recent announcement, working effectively to influence its determination to make its own nuclear weapons. All that effort has been undermined by a process conducted in total secrecy because Obama knew it would be rejected. It should be noted that this occurred when Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State.

Obama is the fulfillment of a long effort by the former Soviet Union, begun in the 1920s, to transform our society from one whose values and policies led the world in the effort to oppose communism even as it and European allies embraced socialist programs that are now threatening theirs and our economic stability. “Social justice” is the term adopted and exercised through “political correctness”, a philosophy that paints the U.S. as a heartless, rapacious, racist, capitalist nation more to be hated than admired.

Political correctness played a major role in the election of a virtually unknown first term Senator from Illinois because Americans wanted to demonstrate to the world that a black man could be elected President.

The failure of the Republican Party to strongly advocate the traditions and patriotic beliefs of Americans led to his reelection. The other factor was the adoption of the Alinski-inspired methods of character assassination and the distortions of our history that is heard and read daily in the mainstream press and taught in our nation’s schools from kindergarten to college.

Obama has publicly attacked America in ways no previous President ever did

America has fallen prey to the infiltration and takeover of our education system that is filled with lessons and books that distort our history, denigrate our Founders, and teach disrespect for our Constitution, if it is taught at all. Our culture has been degraded by a Hollywood that turns out films depicting capitalism as corrupt and fills our lives with cultural messages that degrade our society.

From the earliest days of his first term, Obama has publicly attacked America in ways no previous President ever did.

In April 2006, in a speech delivered in Strasbourg, France, Obama said, “America has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive (towards Europe)” when, in fact, America had twice come to the aid of Europe, first in World War One, and saving it from the worst totalitarian threat in World War Two. The graves of U.S. soldiers are found in cemeteries throughout Europe and it was the expenditure of trillions during and after WWII that attest to our long-term policies, not of conquest, but of liberation.

At home, Obama has striven to fulfill the “politically correct” policies of dividing the nation ethnically, emphasizing the national and religious differences that have existed in a culture of tolerance that earlier accepted waves of immigration of those who were eager to assimilate and become “Americans” as opposed to those who arrive, now often illegally, and demand the rights of native-born and nationalized Americans.

Obama has by-passed the limits the Constitution imposes on the executive branch with little or no opposition in a Senate controlled by the Democrats. The effort by the Republican controlled House led to the government shutdown and is now used against it despite the refusal of the President to negotiate and avoid it.

Even among “low information voters” the accumulated awareness of the many Obama administrations scandals is beginning to exercise some influence. From Fast and Furious to the Benghazi lies, even those who pay little attention to the government are growing aware of the massive waste of money the stimulus represented and the increase of U.S. debt, the failure to pass a budget for five years that the Constitution requires, suspicious huge purchases of ammunition by Homeland Security, and, of course, ObamaCare. They may not understand what these scandals mean, but they sense something is very wrong with America.

A President who is widely perceived as a liar has lost the most important factor that all Presidents require to function, his credibility.

What is needed now more than ever before is a Congress that vigorously opposes his actions and the months between now and the midterm elections will be critical for Republicans and independents to assert the role of this branch. The attack on a long established voting rule in the Senate has made this more difficult.

It can only be hoped that enough Americans, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and independents will wake from their stupor and demand action.


Helen Elias

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RE: The President That Hates His Country By Joan Swirsky
12/16/2013 10:25:18 AM

President Obama is practicing a new brand of foreign relations . . . .

Why hello there: President Obama shakes hands with Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra as he arrives at the Government House in Bangkok, Thailand

Welcome tour: Thai Prime Minister Shinawatra, right, looks back at President Obama during a press conference in Bangkok

Glances: Obama enjoys a joke with Thai PM Yingluck Shinawatra during a state dinner in Thailand

Wait Till We Get Home, Mister!

Read more:

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RE: The President That Hates His Country By Joan Swirsky
12/17/2013 4:01:53 PM

America's chief export: Immorality

Matt Barber - Guest Columnist

Monday, December 16, 2013

Under the tragic leadership of "selfie"-centered narcissist Barack Obama, the U.S. now looks less like Reagan's "shining city on a hill" and more like the biblical Whore of Babylon. But the world is pushing back as America tries to infect the planet with its own viral iniquities.

Why are Americans so peeved? Is it ObamaCare? Well, partly – and in a big way. One wonders, in fact, if that sign language interpreter at the Mandela funeral moonlighted as the lead IT consultant for

But it's much more than just ObamaCare.

How do we explain America's red-level economic and socio-political misery index?

Is it rising unemployment, or the shrinking economy?
Is it explosive debt and deficits, or pervasive government eavesdropping?

Is it the atrophy of individual liberty, or an unprecedented trampling of the First, Second, Fourth and nearly every other amendment to the U.S. Constitution?

Finally, is it the systematic assault on natural marriage and family, or government sanctioning of mass infanticide?
Yes. It's all of these things and more.

Still, these things are only symptomatic of a far greater problem. There remains a broader explanation, a definitive catalyst, for this, the domestic winter of our discontent – and, as so often happens, a mere 14 words from the Holy Scriptures better elucidates that catalyst than ream upon ream of opinion page copy. The words are these: "When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan" (Proverbs 29:2).

America groans because the wicked rule.

Indeed, under this president, America's chief export has become immorality. Sexual deviancy, murder of the unborn, redistribution of wealth and other evils have been sanitized and propagandized as "basic human rights."

Thus, when this arrogant man stands before the U.N. and decries those nations that refuse to embrace his special brand of pagan relativism, we shouldn't be surprised if those nations push back.

And so they push back.

To be sure, in addition to triggering our own spike in angst, Obama's fevered push to "call evil good and good evil," is likewise responsible for America's snowballing marginalization across the globe.

Under the tragic leadership of this "selfie"-centered narcissist, the United States, while never perfect, now looks less like Reagan's "shining city on a hill" and more like the biblical Whore of Babylon. A nation that once stood alone as the world's moral guidepost now leads the contemptible charge to infect our privileged planet with its own viral iniquities.

And so the world pushes back.

For instance, there has been, of late, great weeping and gnashing of teeth among mainstream media – and other circles of intolerant "tolerance" – over successful efforts by several foreign governments to stem the tide of "LGBT" propaganda within their own sovereign borders.

Russia, India, Croatia, Peru, Jamaica and even Australia, for instance, along with other nations, are now moving to inoculate themselves from the fast-metastasizing cancer of sexual relativism.

Having witnessed, from afar, the poisonous results of such propaganda here in the U.S. (the hyper-sexualization of children, the deconstruction of natural marriage and family, the rampant spread of sexually transmitted disease, religious persecution and the like), there seems an emerging global recognition that the radical "LGBT" agenda – a pet cause of Obama's – is not about securing "human rights," but, rather, is about promulgating moral wrongs.

The world is finding that forcing others to "tolerate" – indeed, to celebrate – unfettered licentiousness, under penalty of law, is as harmful to society as is said licentiousness to those who practice it. The world has looked to America's moral leadership and found it wanting. The climate under Obama has gotten so bad, in fact, that Russian leader Vladimir Putin feels emboldened to claim for Russia the mantle of world moral leader – a proud distinction hitherto held by the good ol' USA.

The Daily Mail reports that, in his state of the nation address, "Putin sought to cast Russia as the moral arbiter of the world on Thursday, as he hit out at America's 'non-traditional values' and its influence across the world."

Russia has barred "LGBT" and other sexual anarchist propaganda.
"Mr. Putin defended his government's increasingly conservative values," continued the report, "and decried the 'review of norms of morality' in the West and elsewhere.

'‘This destruction of traditional values from above not only entails negative consequences for society, but is also inherently anti-democratic because it is based on an abstract notion and runs counter to the will of the majority of people,' Mr. Putin said, adding there could be no benefit for society for treating 'good and evil' equally."

How sad that the leader of an atheist government, in a country where tens of millions have died under Marxism – another of Obama's pet causes – could out-Christian our once-Christian nation.

Meanwhile, the tiny nation of Jamaica is among hundreds more that are likewise feeling the squeeze from both the Obama administration and allied "LGBT" pressure groups. They're pushing for unrestrained sexual license in that Caribbean state as well.

According to a Jamaican newspaper, The Gleaner, Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, recently spoke at a pro-family conference there. LaBarbera "encouraged Jamaicans to be grounded in their Christian beliefs and not to be lured by other countries in repealing the buggery (sodomy) law."

"The United States has no business lecturing anybody about sexual morality," he observed. "America has rampant abortions, rampant promiscuity, and I stand wholeheartedly with Jamaicans and encourage you all to hold to your beliefs," he said.

"The moral clarity of my kind, pro-family hosts was refreshing, and something we in the United States need to learn from and take heart from," said LaBarbera upon his return. "I told them, The United States government has nothing to teach you about sexual morality, but you have much to teach us!"

"We are all watching Jamaica to see what happens," he concluded, "and I believe if Jamaica can stand up and not bow to the pressure, you can be an example to the world. There is no need to follow anybody," LaBarbera encouraged.

Indeed, there is certainly no need to follow America. Not on this. Fewer nations are buying what we're selling. They've placed an embargo on our chief export.

While America may be lost (though I pray not), it would seem that her traditional values – values still shared by many, if not most, of the American people – are, nonetheless, gaining momentum abroad.
And that is encouraging. Now let's pray those values come full circle.
RE: The President That Hates His Country By Joan Swirsky
12/17/2013 4:19:04 PM
"Lie Of The Year" - Obama Lied To America - O'Reilly

Published on Dec 13, 2013

It was a catchy political pitch and a chance to calm nerves about his dramatic and complicated plan to bring historic change to America’s health insurance system.

“If you like your health care plan, you can keep it,” President Barack Obama said — many times — of his landmark new law. But the promise was impossible to keep.

Here, Eric Bolling discusses this with a Democrat and a Republican.


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