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When someone you love .............?
5/1/2009 3:25:04 AM
When someone you love and have been with you for a long time meets someone else and leaves you, is there, even a small chance, they could still have feelings for you or does their love completely die for ever....?
Kathleen Vanbeekom

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Re: When someone you love .............?
5/1/2009 3:57:28 AM

There's a big chance, and then their bad karma will come to them and possibly hit them with a car.  Just Kidding.  Then you meet someone better than they met so you can say the American word of arrogance in winning "BOO-YAH!!" 

In all seriousness, the person probably thinks about you too often, and does comparison btwn their new person and you, and sometimes maybe you win that comparison. 

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Re: When someone you love .............?
5/1/2009 6:46:20 AM


What this person is facing is sad, but there is one consulation and that is the fact a person never forgets their first love.

The first love will always be on the persons mind.

I have never experienced this but a friend of mine told me it is like a death, except the corpse is still walking around.  He also said "A person will have to forgive the other party, before they can receive healing of their own mind."

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Myrna Ferguson

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Re: When someone you love .............?
5/1/2009 9:57:03 AM
Hi Gani,

I don't see how you can be with someone for a long time, being in love with that person, how they could possibly not have feelings for you.  I think you would be a very self-centered person, if that being the case. So my answer is yes, you will always have some feelings for that person.

I hope this is helpful.

Judy Woodson

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Re: When someone you love .............?
5/1/2009 10:30:58 AM

About your question. My eldest son is in the process of ending a 20 year marriage. Last night I got a phone call from his wife/ex-wife and she said she just wanted to stay in contact and also that she and my son would always care for each other even though the marriage had ended. It was a great releif to me as my son had expressed a similar thought to me just last week. I think it relates to the fact that love doesn't actually die, it sometimes just takes us on different paths.

Good to see you again, Gani.




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