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It's Time To Congratulate ALAIN DEGUIRE, the 185th POTW!
4/22/2009 10:33:40 AM

          Congratulations to the 185th POTW:  ALAIN DEGUIRE!



Dear Adlanders,
… Citizens of Adland Kingdom,
I came home after a long day of work to find out first through an invitation to be friend that I had been nominated for the “JP Award” – what a wonderful surprise! Thank You!
I encourage all of You to participate…

Specially to the new comers, I want to say “do not hesitate to jump in Friends and participate in all the activities that are of interest to You… do not just come here to “plug” your business – it does not work that way Friends. Get Involved, Make Friends, Build Relationships, and Win People’s Trust… Then, someday, some will ask You...
“What are You doing?””
Then, going through all of my emails to find out those I had to answer and the new comers I had to WELCOME in “The Welcoming Club”, I finally reached to a special email announcing the 185th POTW. I rushed in to discover who our new winner was...

I could not believe my eyes reading
“ALAIN DEGUIRE is the 185th POTW!!”
I was so excited, so deeply touched that I had to take many deep breaths to let all of that outstanding feeling of appreciation from the community to settle slowly into my heart.
Yesterday, I posted a graphic in my forum that says…
“All that we are is the result of what we have thought”
Think Love, Be Love.
I would add…
“Spread Love, Receive Love.”
You are all so Precious to Me!
Thank You Kathleen!
Thank You Thomas!
Thank You to all those who nominated me!
Thank You to all of You Adlanders
who make of this place such an amazing community!

NOW, should I write a little biography? Is there still room for it? Aren’t You already tired of reading? OK! Let’s play a little GAME together…
I will state 7 Truths about myself – in fact 6 Truths and 1 Lie – and, I invite You to find out which one is the Lie. I will post the answer by the end of the week so that the punch is not revealed too early during the week… Let’s start!

1) In Astrology, I am of the sign Aries and of the Ascendant Sagittarius… So, early in life I was fast at moving in all sorts of directions to explore all sorts of things. A good example would be that I started walking at only 8 months of age. I was in a hurry of moving around and learning about Life. I was burned many times as you could expect. I hope that experiences brought me some wisdom. I am certainly much more careful and cautious today before jumping into something, but still get caught sometimes. ;-)

2) At 11 years old, I started High School as an interne in a very religious private school. Their goal was to provide for good education and teaching and to recruit young people to become priest. I studied the italic language Latin as well as the history of Egypt and Greece. We were participating in the Eucharistic Celebration Mass every day. But, they missed it with me… In my third year, I was thrown away from the school because I was caught twice hiding myself to not go to the Mass. I was becoming a very unacceptable influence for others.


3) In High School, I was very much into sports. I played hockey, baseball, football, basketball, broomball, ping pong, billiard and more. But, my main interest was billiard. My father had a 6’ X 12’ snooker table in the basement at home and I was spending most of my free time playing and practicing. I really loved it! I participated and won in many tournaments, and I almost made it to Professional. But, in getting married and having kids quite early, it was not leaving me enough free time to practice. I dropped playing almost completely!

4) I really love Nature and related activities. I enjoy taking pictures of the Beauty of Nature. I love trekking or walking in Nature. I love camping, canoeing, fishing, exploring new sites. I am not running down or up the trails - I am taking my time to explore, admire, contemplate or even meditate. I love looking at the flowers or trying to approach and admire wildlife. I am a contemplative man and I really think that Nature talks to me in so many ways. I enjoy learning from Nature!

5) After my Bachelor, I worked as I behaviour specialist for pet animals. I had all kinds of animals at home - about 30 different birds mainly from the Pstittacidae Family (parrots), dog, cat, snake, mouse, rat, fish, ferret, guinea pig, rabbit, and more. I was bringing a different animal to school every week, at the primary level as extra curriculum activities, to teach about pet behaviour. I was also doing some work as a bird or parrot psychologist, trying to understand and correct some behavioural dysfunction. I was also giving seminars in pet stores, on TV or in commercial pet shows to explain and train about parrot behaviours.

6) I am very much involved in my self growth, self development. I am a spiritual being who has faith in God, in Life and in the Universal Laws… even though I do not practice much according to my Catholic education. Along my spiritual path, I was very close to the Traditional Amerindian Culture and I participated in many rituals that I really loved much. I feel myself very close from heart to these indigenous teachings about Life, God or the Great Spirit, Shamanism, Respect of Individuals and Nature. I even made myself a Sacred Stick that symbolizes this Sacred Connection with the Universe. ;-)

7) My most important struggle in Life was about Money. It’s like I never had enough money to do the real things I wanted to do. Strange to observe though that when I looked at the order of my priorities in Life, Money was far from being among the most important… I did an interesting little test (you can do it too by going to ) that indicates my main values as being 1) family; 2) pride; 3) love; 4) career and 5) money. I worked in sales most of my life not as much for the possibilities of making money but especially for the freedom that it provides me - Freedom is fundamental to me! Now, I really work in building a online home-based business that provides me with great fun, wonderful Scent-Sations and the freedom to work from anywhere in the World.

Look it up for yourself… You might find something of interest to you!
So, NOW, tell me… which of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 is the LIE?
Have fun!
With Love and Friendship,


Congratulations, Alain!  You've made a huge positive impact in the short time you've been here.  Your forum MAKING A DIFFERENCE really has made a difference in helping all of us to invite more worldwide friends, you've made it much easier and very unique!  Thanks for being here on a regular basis and have a fantastic week as POTW!!

                        Sara Gardner Blow (7th Nominator from last)




                  Dimitra Bravou (10th Nominator from last)




Please visit the FRIENDS OF POTW FORUMS, if you'd like your forum linked here, announce the Nominations/Election link to your forum members every week!  THANK YOU!!

NOMINATIONS/ELECTION thread for this week ending next Tuesday, April 28th for the 186th POTW:


Robert Vaughan

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Re: It's Time To Congratulate ALAIN DEGUIRE, the 185th POTW!
4/22/2009 10:43:24 AM
Congratulations Alain, A well Deserving Acolade for all you do for Adlandpro Members and The Forums etc. Well Done, and also well done to all the other Nominees. Best Wishes Bob Vaughan Gold member.
Robert D Vaughan
Kim Stilwell

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Re: It's Time To Congratulate ALAIN DEGUIRE, the 185th POTW!
4/22/2009 10:55:37 AM
Take A Bow Alain, Very Nice acceptance speech! Full of warmth and fire as always. "Heart" is ofcourse right in the middle of the fire! ha ha! You're a Gentleman indeed. My guess is that you don't have all the pets and did not work as pet behavior specialist. Very Fun personality test! Everyone will want to do it. This was me: Pride, Family, Love, Career, and....Money. I like money as much as the next guy, but maybe only for what it can serve of the greater values? I also found out I am my own best friend, ha ha! And though my hubby is "sneaky" (I'd say calculating intead ha ha), he is the one I will remember most in life. All true. Thank You for all the interesting and fun Contributions! Kim
Thomas Richmond

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Re: It's Time To Congratulate ALAIN DEGUIRE, the 185th POTW!
4/22/2009 11:21:52 AM

Dear Alain,

Well it looks like your the heartfelt winner here in this weeks POTW and rightly so, we all love you here at Adlandpro, since the time you joined us you have been doing nothing but encourage,

and give your heart to the ones around you,

a man with a big heart can move mountains.

Congratulations dear friend.  :)

God_bless you.

POTW partner Thomas       :)

AT YOUR SERVICE. Drop A Line With The Pros!! Chief Administrator & Support
Luka Babic

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Re: It's Time To Congratulate ALAIN DEGUIRE, the 185th POTW!
4/22/2009 12:02:40 PM

I`d be back to read Alain`s story, to congratulate Sara and Dimi, to hug and thank to Kathleen and Thomas....

For now one extra - brief, near flying HUG (snitched from Latin hour and half :) ) FOR THE NEW KING OF ALP AND MY DEAR DEAR FRIEND







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