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Peter Fogel

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4/16/2009 3:44:03 AM

 Hello Friends,

This is an event I would have loved to participate in. Not only in NYC but anywhere in the United States; from what I've read and heard from friends it was a success all over the country. But living here in Israel it's a bit far. We tried to organize a Tea Party here yesterday but it being the 7th day of Passover and a religious holiday it was an impossible task.

Instead many of us met in fairly large groups in our homes and supported all of you from afar. Of course we also discussed the massive problems in the USA that aren't being focused on here in the local news since we have our fair share of local issues that are dealt with daily.

Below is the first coverage of the NYC Tea Party with an excellent video that shows how angry people are. Thank you Pamela from Atlas Shrugs (hmmm, someone recently said she's a "whiner", looks more like an activist to me).

Friends, if any of you have pictures and/or videos of Tea Parties in your area please post them here. Thank You.



New York City Party: High Tea in NY



I just came back from city hall awash in the best of humanity. There was a cast of thousands. The most notable factoid? Everyone I spoke to and interviewed was a first timer. Working class Joes who are angry -- mad as hell and they are not going to take it anymore. Lots of moms with their kids. Loads of businessmen. And lots of Atlas readers. What a feeling!
One small business owner complained that with all the Obamanation taxes, she makes 34 cents on the dollar. She said she belonged to a small business association and at their last meeting -- the entrepreneurs were enraged. Even those who voted for Zero admitted to making a terrible mistake. The message -- get government under control and get your teeth out of our neck.

Our founding fathers would be proud.

Tes party redwye 046

Tes party redwye 004

Tes party redwye 027

Tes party redwye 008  

Tes party redwye 063

Tes party redwye 009

Tes party redwye 013

Tes party redwye 024

The sidewalks were packed. The cops were screaming at the people to keep moving -- very nasty. I have covered the leftist Islamic rallies for years and they never treat them that way. The Muslims take over the streets. Look at Time Square.

The good people of NY didn't like it -- they yelled back, You don't treat Al Sharpton this way! Classic.

Tes party redwye 048

Tes party redwye 053


I have more and will load video ...........gotta run


((youtube id="WWlh8US1WRw&feature"))((/youtube))

Atlas Shrugs

Peter Fogel
Babylon 7
Peter Fogel

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4/16/2009 4:37:55 AM
Hello Friends,

Coverage of Tea Parties Nation Wide. Amazing!!!

Remember this date 4/15/2009. History is being made and BHO can't ignore this mass protest of the citizens of the United States.



TEA PARTIES: Hey Hey, today we're gonna party like it's 2009!

MARIE ANTOINETTE IN THE WHITE HOUSE: Obama/White House ‘Unaware of Tea Parties’ (hat tip Urban Infidel)

CHECK BACK: UPDATED ALL DAY! The tea parties are a phenomenon!

Readers from across the country have been sending in their citizen reportage of their local tea parties. Keep it comin', great Americans!

Tucson, Arizona: Doug wrote, "AMAZING, I thought maybe 50 people would show up in our little lefty leaning town. The silent majority is no more....let's keep it rolling."



Brunswick/St. Simons Island Tea Party today. Final head count attendance: 636. All signed three petitions to be sent to Georgia congressmen and Senators regarding the complete waste of tax dollars. Next Tea Party will be July 4th.

((youtube id="3qXcW1WkT1o&feature"))((/youtube))

Carla at the Boston Tea Party


Much thanks to George for pix and report:

Pamela, I was able to attend the DC Tea Party for a couple of hours this morning. I arrived at Lafayette Park about 11AM. Even though it was sprinkling and cold, the crowd was beginning to build. Throughout the next hour and a half the crowd continued to get larger even though the rain had started to come down harder. Many American flags were evident and the crowd was polite, but enthusiastic – not at all like the anti-war or Code Pink protests that you seen on TV with unruly people who get into everone’s faces. Maybe our side needs to be a bit more assertive to get the attention that is needed. Fox News was there and I got a couple of shots of Griff Jenkins interviewing people. I’m not sure how many people we ultimately had, but the weather definitely had an impact on the numbers. Around noon, some of the folks wandered across Pennsylvania Avenue and put their signs up against the fence surrounding the White House. They were quickly chased back from the fence by the police, but this is standard operating procedure for anyone protesting in the park. They simply don’t allow any protesters to take their protests or signs to the White House fence and, over the years, I have seen many people ushered back across the street.

Obama/White House ‘Unaware of Tea Parties’



FOX covering DC


Denver 4,000 strong (Thanks RPK for the pic)

Cate was there and said:

The Denver rally was AWESOME!!! The first rally here brought about 300 people. Some estimates from today's rally say we had more than 5,000. Personally, I think we got closer to 10,000. As I was walking from my car, I heard a roar like from football game at a stadium. It was the crowd!!! After things got started, I couldn’t stand high enough to get a picture of the entire crowd. But, an entire block was covered wall to wall with people. In addition to the attendees, for a solid two hours, people who were driving by were honking like crazy. I talked with a whole lot of energized people today. Our organizer is calling for this to be the first annual tea party, and there are several new political groups have b een started as a result of this rally. NOW is the time for all of us who are concerned to GET and STAY INVOLVED. I sure hope a lot of people will begin to step up to the plate and run for office in our various locales…I’m sure planning to do so.


UPDATE: More great Denver coverage at Looking at the Left


FRESNO! Thanks to John Galt


Thanks to JJ phillipe who wrote"Picture 1439 is of an early panoramic shot of the crowd; T-30 minutes from start of party (which was delayed a few minutes due to issues with the PA system). Picture 1453 is a shot of the crowd during the prayer. Both pictures were taken from the top step of the Louisiana State Capitol building. WWL radio reported the turnout to be +1,000."

G-d bless America!

Atlas Reader Karen:

Hello Pamela, Want to let you know that my husband and I attended our local Tax Day Tea Party in Bellevue, WA at noon (Bellevue is a city across the lake from Seattle). The announcer said an estimated 1,000 people showed up!!! Amazing. It feels sooo good to be an American. To be at a rally with honest to goodness fellow Constitution loving Americans. Woo hoo!

I am pumped. I hope, I pray all good Tea Party going American's can keep this ball rolling and we can take our country back before it's too late. My husband and I are going to make a serious consideration to travel to Washington DC this summer to march on the capital.

CNN Reporter Harassed at Chicago "Tea-Party" WATCH IT(hat tip Larwyn)


BOISE: Sandy reports 2500 + strong!

That's what the Boise police department estimated. Little Boise has shown how strong the conservative movement is! Very peaceful and respectful. Just what you would expect from conservatives...






Brian was in Columbus, Indiana -- 1200 strong!

I have just returned from a Tea Party in Columbus Indiana. Columbus is a small city of around 40k, located 40 miles south of Indianapolis. ......Six of my neighbors and friends loaded up in our van went as a group.It was the first political rally for all of the group. I would put the numbers around 1200


BJMan in Grants Pass!

We went downtown to the Tea Party.  There were about 1500-2000 there.  That is a good size crowd for Grants Pass.  There are a lot of good and patriotic people in our little town.

Tea Party April 2009 011

Tea Party April 2009 007 

Tea Party April 2009 008 

Tea Party April 2009 021

More Chicago pics from Crusty

This pic from Chicago -- from Craig's brother Jeff.


UPDATE: Check out the poll results! (hat tip Lane)

John in Sacramento:

just wanted to add my two cents worth from the capitol of cali. thousands were in attendance. neal cavuto, from fox business, was interviewing attendees before the rally started. the rally started at noon with the national anthem and pledge of allegiance. American flags were everywhere, as were hundreds of anti-tax posters and one "who is john galt" sign. several local radio celebrities were sharing the emcee duties. various speakers were often drowned out by the crowd chanting "vote them out". about half way through we were introduced to a senior vice-president from paramount pictures and actor john ratzenberg. the crowd was large and vocal, but polite; every few seconds i could hear "excuse me" or "pardon me" as people moved through the mass of protesters, most of whom were first-timers. hopefully we started something today.

Sacramento photographs by P Barnett:


Mara was at the Sacramento rally and said, "We had in my opinion closer to 10,000 but some people said it was closer to 6,000".

Clyde notes on Sacramento:

Here's proof the Associated Press has its collective head up the Democrat Party's ass. In today's AP story about the Tea Parties, the one in Sacramento has this headline:

Hundreds protest tax increases at Calif. Capitol
Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Several paragraphs into their story, the AP refutes their OWN headline with the admission a California Highway Patrol officer estimated the crowd at 5,000.

Media bias? Noooooo. Nothing to see here folks, move along...

Lol. Clyde's right. In SF Gate: Headline: Hundreds protest tax increases in Calif Capital.

Thousands of sign-waving protesters turned out Wednesday for a tax day rally that included attacks on Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and California lawmakers by a congressman and a son of former President Ronald Reagan.

UPDATE: From Lynn in Little Rock:



Lynn said,

I just came from the tea-party in Little Rock at the state capitol & it was wonderful.  We couldn't of had a better day, with pure sunshine & a light breeze that had all the flags waving beautifully.  Probably about 1000 people showed up & everyone was friendly, kind & determined to get our country back into the hands of the people where it belongs.

Laura in Missouri:




Laura wrote,

Participants at the Tea Party in Springfield, MO,  were very well behaved.  I was surprised at the turn-out as Springfield is about a town of about 154,000.  I would have to say several hundred folks showed up to voice their displeasure:) Closer to 1,000 than not:)  Also a party in Branson, good turn-out for a town of about 7,000. 

I just saw the local news and they downplayed the protest as right wing nuts, etc, and that Fair tax people left when they saw one sign that said Obama was a secret Muslim.  Funny thing is I was there from 5:15pm-7:00pm and fair tax people were there the whole time and no one left only more people showing up to join the crowd.  I would have to say at most there were two semi-far out there signs, but being as the event is a celebration of individuals rights to free speech and most of the signs I saw were handmade.  I know our neighbor went and she is much like us as we are not a member of any group and just decided we would go b/c we are fed up with the current government expansion and irresponsible spending on ridiculous programs, etc.

Local news also reported that the protesters "blocked traffic".  As I said this did not happen when I was there-all of the protesters were standing on the curb and traffic was never disrupted (except when newsphotographers stepped into the street to take a picture.  KY3 in Springfiled, MO are asshats and liars as I was there.

The speakers talked of overtaxation and we participated in subversive activities like the Pledge of Allegiance and singing the National Anthem.  Folks had their hands over their hearts and I must admit to shedding a tear or two during the Anthem.  I met some young college aged kids and they were most delightful.  People from all walks of life and ages.

This really renewed my faith and I do not feel so alone.  It was wonderful to see the young folks turning out.

There is hope yet:)

Scott in Dallas, Texas:


Elisa from Santa Ana!




Gwen in Nashville!


Gulf Coast sent this from Sarasota Florida where over 1,000 showed

TEA PARTY 09 085 

Nichol from Seal Beach


This was the Tea Party in Seal Beach CA.  They say about 600 gathered; it seemed more like a thousand.  Fantastic people, dogs, signs, flags, t-shirts!  We trekked from City Hall to the pier, then to Pacific Coast Highway.

Atlas Shrugs


Peter Fogel
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Helen Elias

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4/16/2009 2:45:40 PM

WOW!  You can be proud, USA!

You go, girl!  Go USA!

You help other countries, too, when you do this as it gives people in other countries ideas, hopefully, and makes governments think twice before treading all over us.  Let us know how we can help you.

I have a suggestion... people should carry some signs that thank the media for putting Obama in office (snide).  Let the media see your displeasure with their tactics.  Their job is simply to report and not take sides.  Show your displeasure with the media.

I believe that Americans should boycott CNN and others who helped get Obama and the spend-thrift Dems  get elected.   Don't watch their channels and don't buy their newspapers for at least one month.

Spend $4 and get back $10 every time you spend. Contact me (Helen) at this email »»»
Phillip Black

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4/16/2009 4:28:32 PM

Hi Peter,

Thanks for all the Great Photos.

Since I'm still Conservative in so many ways, I prefer taking pictures with Film rather than Digital, so I don't have any pictures to show just yet, however, I did pick up a few Great new Bumper Stickers down in Raleigh last evening...

Actually, this one I already had, but since it's my favorite and kind of sums it all up...

Have A Terrific Evening My Friend,


“There may be trouble all around, but I am calling you to a place of peace. Be still and know that I am God. Come to Me, and I will give you wisdom, strength, and grace for everything you face." Psalm 46:10
4/16/2009 4:35:15 PM
Hello Peter,

That is just fantastic.  I'm so proud of everyone that showed up in each and every States and Cities.  The Chico one didn't have the turn out I thought it would of had but it happened and that's a good thing.  Chico being a big college town give me my answer.
I cannot believe that BHO said he was not aware of the tea parties going on.  Take a look at this link:

It just tells me what he's thinking "To hell with you people I will do as I want", that's my opinion.  He is the most arrogant person I have ever encountered, I'm a shame to say he was elected as our President, (Impostor) or like you said before "The Great Pretender.


God Bless Everyone

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