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Amanda Martin-Shaver

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Re: Some of me Poetry,
3/27/2009 2:35:58 PM
Hi Friends,
Well my poetry would not be complete without having
some poems about where I lived in a beautiful country
New Zealand at almost the bottom of the world in the
southern hemisphere, more down under than Australia!
New Zealand is the 3rd country to see the new day - is
ahead of the USA by almost a whole day.
Antartica is 1st but not no one lives down there, Tonga
is 2nd, a small Island not far from NZ.

This poem of New Zealand, was originally a song I wrote
along with the music. I can read music well enough, but
the music theory is not as good, I could not write the score
well enough to have anyone play it except me and did not
know anywhere that I could get assistance.  I have several
other music and songs in a folder...

New Zealand

New Zealand is a country
in southern Oceania
Aoteoroa is the land of my birth
I live in a little town
in the centre on the North Island
with hills and trees all around

I'm proud to be a Kiwi
been one all my life
New Zealand is the land of my birth
Yes I'm glad to be a Kiwi
could imagine living somewhere else
New Zealand is the land of my birth

In New Zealand there are three point five million people
sixty million sheep, I am told
Very friendly people
Visitors often comment
and come from miles and miles to see
our beautiful scenery

The native people are the Maori
they have a language of their own
their dance and songs are wonderful
Their village is called a Marae
it's not the place where they live, it's just where they meet
all converge from one happy tribe

New Zealand is a safe country
Very low crime-rate
Conservation is our concern
No nuclear Factories
No preditory animals
So you're safe and secure in God's Zone

Amanda Martin-Shaver ©

My father told me, Taihape (pronounced Tie happy) was originally named Otaihape after a Maori Chief in the area. 
Otai was the Maori chiefs name and he was a hape which means a hunchback or cripple.  I do not know if Chief Otai
was born this way or if they were injuries from various



What has Taihape got to offer you
This Gumboot Town in the Centre of the North Island?
There's shops and stores, restaurants galore
The young ones these days, say there's nothing here to do
What's the matter with the young ones today?
They sit inside watching TV instead of outside to play

Well let me write down a list or two
There's whitewater rafting, bungy jumping,
horse riding, rubgy, football, golf, car racing,
bowls, croquet, squash, soccer, tennis, roller
skating/blading, swimming, fishing, snow skiing,
water skiing, netball, badmington, bush walking etc, etc.

Taihape is situated on the main trunk line
State Highway One between Auckland and Wellington
It's not as if the town is out in the 'boonies'
Travellers and overseas visitors are passing through daily
Now that the 'Gumboot Throw' has got on the maps
What does it matter if one lands in your laps?

You could tell everyone where you got the bruise
Maybe if you're lucky it could make it to news
This town is famous across the country
because no matter where in the two Islands you go
someone always asks about a person or family
that lived or does still live there you might know

So let's give a hurrah for this Taihape Town
The people who live there smile and hardly ever frown
The hospitality is extremely warm and cordial
and out of this world because
they will make you feel welcome, they are friendly alright
And then at the close of day you could stay all night

There are families in Taihape, who did just that
Stayed a night or two, and they came back
Or transferred from their jobs as part of promotion
Never ever thinking they would take up the notion
They live there now as part of the bunch
You could never get them now to ever budge.

Amanda_NZ ©
12 April 2000

Click on the photo for the link

This next poem Gumboot City, came about in the mid
1970s when a comedian
John Clark, made up his alter ego
Fred Dagg
who dressed in baggy shorts, gumboots a floppy
hat and a black 'jacky-how' singlet (tank top. Often standard wear for the shearers and during winter farmers as it is pure wool and absorbs persperation which does not leave you cold and clammy resulting in catching colds and other ailments when you get wet)

For some reason, Fred Dagg picked Taihape as his town to use in many of his jokes and talked about the University of Taihape (does not have one) Taihape has a population of around 2,000 people and is a rural town with
farmers mainly raising sheep and cattle.

So in the 1980s Taihape decided they would use the 'gumboots' as their slogan and started a main street open country fair and have gumboot throwing competitions and gumboot racing.  Four pairs of left gumbootsnailed onto a
flat board and four pair of right gumboots nailed and you
have four people step into these nailed on gumboots and
as a team you race march. Quite a difficult event to get
four people working in unison, but lots of fun
The gumboot throwing competition is throwing a mans
size 8 as far as you can, not easy at all

This is me at around 3 years old in my fathers gumboots.


"If it weren't for your gumboots where would you be
you'd be in the hospital or infirmary"
Gumboots black, white and all colours between
The strangest yet hardy boots you have ever seen
You see them on children, you see them on Grannys
Fireman, Doctors, Freezing Workers, Farmers
Everyone has a pair or two, because of their hardiness

In the town I lived in, in Central North Island
We used the humble gumboot as our slogan
There is a gumboot throwing contest Easter Tuesday each year
Men's size eight and throw it as far as you dare
I do not know if you can visualise and imagine
Gumboots do not have very good direction

It will sail like an over heavy boomerang
Which you can never expect it to come back again
When the competitions were first introduced
There were no nets up to protect the spectators
Gumboots flew in all directions without a care
Don't forget to done on your headwear!

The Gumboot throwing is now in the Guiness Book
Many people are having a go or come to look
What use to be a serviceable rubber work boot
Has become very famous because of a hoot.
"If it weren't for your gumboots where would you be?
You'd be in the hospital or infirmary."

Amanda Martin-Shaver ©
March 2000

This is the monument Gumboot made out of old corrogated iron

Georgios Paraskevopoulos

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Re: Some of me Poetry,
3/27/2009 4:52:07 PM
Hello Kiwi Lady!

I thank you Amanda for sharing your thoughts in form of poetric writings. I read lots of poetry and I love it. Poetry is a Master Art and happy be all you who have this charisma and the blessings to handle a feather pen on a piece of paper. I am very bad on writing and I never tried to write any poems.

I red your first post when you posted it. I was not sure if I should join here or not. You know, in many cases in our discussions we start from a different standings, basis, culture, tradition and manners and that can be a hindrance for furhter communication. What counts is to accept a person as he is and what he wants to be. Your poems are great and they inspire people to stay close.
Keep Up The Good Work
AdLand Is Our Land
This is the cherry on sweetest cake
Our good friend Nick understands AdLand it like the picture below
and I interpret AdLand like the poem and the sounds that follows
the attached clip: ENJOY and relax

Credits to Nick Syms: AdLand Is My Land

Click above - A divine SUFI POEM in context and sounds

Whatever happens in the AdLandPro forums we will never brake the chain of best contributions for making friends and be social even in antipathetic discussions. This is life and I am happy for you being different. That gives me the oppotunity to learn and take after, You are doing lots to keep good community spirit and make our friends feel like home.

PS. I am sorry for any problems I may have caused you
ETERNAL WISDOM-Know ThySelf, PHILOXENIA MetaCafe, Adlanders In Facebook
Roger Macdivitt .

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Re: Some of me Poetry,
3/27/2009 6:19:42 PM


I'm still dropping by.

I love the content in your poetry.

Thanks for entertaining and educating.


Amanda Martin-Shaver

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Re: Some of me Poetry,
3/27/2009 7:46:42 PM
Hello Georgios,

Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts and
Yes Adlandpro is a community (village/town) on line
where we know or know of many members, and for the
most part we all get on with each other. But like any town
there are differences of opinions and skirmishes. I agree
we need to all learn to accept each other and our unique

I have not had the gift of writing poetry very long, only
10 years ago when I first started.  I always admired a friend
I went to school with who could write some very beautiful
and also humourous poetry and limericks on the spur of
the moment.

My gift and ability came from the great pain in my heart
from the death of my mother, separation and divorce from my ex husband and the break up of my 30 year long best friend. - then the humour could come forward.

Amanda Martin-Shaver

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Re: Some of me Poetry,
3/27/2009 7:52:20 PM
Hello Roger,

Thank you for coming back and appreciating the education
and entertainment.
I feel it makes my poetry make more sense to give an


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