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Don’t Be Afraid To Move Down In Limits
3/11/2009 3:45:17 AM

POKER TIP from Mad Genius Mike Caro

Many players see a good game at a higher limit than they’re used to playing. Usually, they wouldn’t play that big a game, but the conditions are so good right now that they decide to give it a try. That’s fine. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

The problem is that once these players get accustomed to the bigger limit, they tend to not want to go back to their previous limit, even if the bigger game turns bad. They think it’s embarrassing to play smaller than others have seen them playing recently.

This attitude is sure to keep players broke. You need to play a game you’re comfortable with that is in keeping with the size of your bankroll. Sometimes, you can move up a limit to take advantage of profitable circumstances. But, while you’re building your bankroll, you need to be able to move down again when those circumstances change.

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