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Welcome to the Goal-setting workshop
2/3/2009 5:48:41 PM


This is an update issued after the workshop was completed.


I realised that if I was to give all of my techniques here I would confuse rather than help people.

This has been fascinating for me.

A lot of people registered BUT most requests for help have come from those who didn't.

I want to help as many people as I can. I then realised that if I was to answer and follow individual questions on separate threads other people might relate and follow that thread RATHER than try to follow the extended posts in one forum.


Follow the workshops here:

If you have a problem ASK, I will then try to help or refer you to a thread where the answer was similar.


So many people are saying something like this:

"My goal is to sell myself to others and to help them to become successful like me"








Welcome to my                                                                                 1

Goal –Setting Workshop                          ( c) ROGER MACDIVITT 2009

This workshop detail is available to all but discussion and help are only available to already registered members. Much of the information on this page is for registered members.

Before we go further we need to establish something. Within reason, I have time for all registered members. Time to ask and discuss and time to help you with individual problems.

As a group we will attempt to go at a pace that suits everyone.


I am happy to have input, suggestion and feedback. We can deal with particular problems through Adland’s Private message system. If registered members wish to supply their email address (by private mail) they can do so. Details are in your introductory email.


                        Through the public forum, url supplied.

                        By Adland private message

                        By email

In exceptional cases I will supply a Skype address but notice will be needed because of time differences.

Main Goal-Setting program:

           It is possible for anybody to post on the sister website.

It is there for discussion or posting your goals.



Welcome to my                                                                                 2

Goal –Setting Workshop                          ( c) ROGER MACDIVITT 2009



Due to access problems here I had to delay this program but things seem more settled so here we go:

The goals that I establish are a combination of successful methods used by myself and others over the last years.  My goal-setting combines NLP, Lawe of attraction and commonly used coaching tecniques. They have been proved effective both commercialy and personaly.

If you design your goal well you can often use this as an affirmation that you can use daily.

Your Goal

To take part here in this workshop you MUST have a goal. I think that is OBVIOUS?

** If you are registered here then you can always check with me via our agreed channels as to whether you goal is written correctly

Your goal must be personal and in the present tense. ALL goals should be adaptable so if they are a little broad in intent now, we can tighten them later.


Examples of good goals are here:

(1) My goal is to take an active part in the 2012 Olympic Games through the work that I am applying now.

(2) I am achieving success in marketing by the things that I am prepared to do today. 

(3) I am getting better at writing every day, this is resulting in the novel that I am writing.


(1) *Write a goal. Use a new notebook or computer page to WRITE it down.

(2) Adjust your goal to fit the above rules.

(3) **Check with me if you need help.

(4) Make sure that your goal is obtainable, for example, If you are Five foot tall and fifty years old don't set a goal that says you will be Six feet and twenty one again. KEEP IT REAL. 

*This is essential

* If you are registered you will know how to contact me.



-                                                                                         3

Welcome to my next                                                                                                     

Goal –Setting Workshop                          ( c) ROGER MACDIVITT 2009


Your Goal

You may, or not, have seen

S M A R T E N    U P       

used for goal setting?

I frequently use this but not as the MAIN part of my process, however, it does serve as a good check point.

Now is the time to test your written goal.



Take a good look and see if it fits this criteria.

Is it

Simple and specific?

It’s not enough to say that you want to be better at something or that you will try. Rather say, I am achieving.............. Now check that your goal is written simply even if it is long.



You must be able to know when you achieve your goal. There has to be a specific TIME or happening.

You need a now and a finish, otherwise how do you know that you’ve achieved your goal. This stage may make it necessary to alter your goal’s structure.


Appealing and achieveable?

Your goal has to be attractive to your unconscious mind and enough to make you really want it. You need to picture the result. Your goal must be possible. It can stretch you or even be more than you have managed ever before, but, it must be possible. Don’t let anyone dictate to you that your goal is either impossible or attainable.



Like achievable, it must be fitted into your life. If it means altering you life in significant ways, is that ok? At this point you should consider, maybe you have to re-size, restructure or break your goal down to small bits to make it possible for you.



You need to put a time limit or scale into your goal. You can name a date or just say something like “before my son’s next birthday” or “before New Year”. Times can be changed later, but for now you need one.



You MUST want this enough to make the journey worth taking. You need to get excited at the prospect and even welcome the work. If you can find a way to make it fun, even better. You need to feel  that you want to confide about your goal, even if you don’t intend to. Give yourself a reward if it helps.



This is sometimes written under environmental. Is it in harmony with what you believe in, your religion, your way of life, your spirituality?  Even if this goal is designed to give pleasure to another it must sit well with you.


Understood? or understandable?

Others may need to know what you are doing so that they can offer support or step aside. They need to understand that it is important and why. You do not have to share any more than you wish to.


Personal and prepared?

Be prepared to change your goal if circumstances around you change. Be prepared for challenges. Will others suggest “Take a break”? How will you react? Be prepared for derailment and put a contingency in place to keep your wheels on the track.

Personal, the goal MUST be for you. Even if your aim is for others you must try to make it as personal as possible. We are designed to be selfish (self preservation) and have to lerarn social skills like sharing. If doing something fo another is ESSENTIAL to your goal then that's ok but try to make it as personal as possible.


If it helps. Draw a table and tick off each of the above.

Check your goal carefully and make the changes to bring into line.


(Registrants) If you need to ask specifically about your goal send me a PM or email.



-                                                                      4

Welcome to my next                                                                                                     

Goal –Setting Workshop                         



O.K So you have a goal written down.

If not, you need to get that done as you can’t continue without


We have already checked that your goal has passed the previous checklist. (If you’re a registered member you can check with me).

        As you will no doubt know, I use NLP as a tool that can be used in goal-setting. (If you’re not sure what NLP is, then ask me or Google it).    

As an NLP practitioner I would make the following checks so this is what we will do now.

The following system makes the goal more personal and ensures that it is “well formed”.

This may look daunting; look like you’ve done it before. No, some may be repeated but the main bones of your goal are already ok. This is a different approach. It just tweaks and adjusts and ensures that you can RELATE to YOUR goal. IF YOU DON’T, YOU WILL FAIL. SIMPLE.

Motives and success/failure are obviously also important factors, this system helps to establish that these are factored in.


Is your goal positive? Hopefully we covered that before.

Does your goal reflect what you want?

Ensure that it doesn’t say what you don’t want.

Is your goal self-initiated? Make sure that is YOUR goal, not your partner’s or your friend’s idea or goal. Clearly, if your goal said “My partner says that I should be a top musician and earn lots of money” and you can only play an instrument badly, then clearly your goal fails the test.


        You now need to check that you will recognise WHEN you REACH your goal. What will you be doing or capable of doing when you reach your goal?

What will you feel, smell, see and hear when you realise your dream.

Visualise. This is important. VISUALISE.

This might be very revealing as you may discover that it is not exactly what you want or expect.

        Now you need to put things into context.

Where, how and with whom, do you wish to achieve your goal?

Does this change anything?


        Do you have all the resources that you need to reach your goal?

If your answer is no, then what do you need to get or change?

A physical and mental check is also useful at this stage. Ask yourself this question “Have I achieved anything like this before?  If not “What do I need?” (If you have something missing, try imagining that you have the resource already.


        What is the purpose of wanting (your goal..............?

        What will you lose or gain?

        What will happen if you get..........................?

What WON’T happen if you get..............................?

What WILL happen if you don’t get.........................?

What won’t happen if you don’t get.........................?


This is important:

Where do I start? What is my first step?

Where and how do I start and what do I need to tackle all or part of my goal?

Be flexible. You can always adjust your goal at any stage.


Remember, if you keep doing what you have been doing, you will keep getting what you have been getting. Is that what you want?








Roger Macdivitt (c) 2009



This is the HARDEST yet EASIEST thing that I’ll ask you to do.


I hope that you have your goal written down? If not – DO IT NOW!

As soon as you are able, DO THIS.

Get a pen and paper and your copy of your Goal.

Find a place where you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes (turn off phones). A parked car works well.

Read out your goal to yourself, YES, ALOUD. Do this slowly 3 times.

This will enable your unconscious mind to understand your goal. Out loud is many times more effective.

NOW. Imagine what it will feel like when you achieve your goal. Imagine (GET A PICTURE)  then feel what you can feel, hear what you can hear, smell what you can smell, what are your senses saying.

See yourself on that day.

How are you standing, what are you wearing, what is the expression on your face?

BUILD that picture and FREEZE IT, get a snapshot (if you can, draw a little picture like your snapshot) Check and draw, check and draw.

NOW, look at your picture and READ your goal again three times.

(If you are an artist make it your next painting, If you are a computer buff, go to your drawing program and make a bright colourful picture).

I invite you to share your picture on the posting forum (url at beginning of workshops).

Now, see your name on the local paper. “............ acheives goal”

With your picture underneath it and comments by your impressed friends.

Finally in this workshop. IMPORTANT

Tug your ear. YEP.

Tug your ear and read your goal 3 times. Ask you unconscious mind to learn from this.

Is that it?

scroll down








One hour later or when you have time.

TUG YOUR EAR. Just that.

What happens?

Do you now have a tool that you can use?


Welcome to my                                                                     6            6

Goal –Setting Workshop                          ( c) ROGER MACDIVITT 2009


Was that HARDEST yet EASIEST thing that I’ve asked you to do?

Are you still tugging your ear?

You have had long enough to know that

IF YOU DID AS I TOLD YOU, and that was, READ YOUR GOAL OUT LOUD AND TUG YOUR EAR, then, YOU WILL KNOW, IF YOU TUG YOUR EAR your little goal-setting picture, feeling and determination just SWITCHES ON LIKE A LIGHT.

Lets just recap a little:

You have written and checked your goal using a variety of techniques and by using your emotions and your senses. You have been given the opportunity to reinforce these techniques and to feel how good it will be when you reach your goal.


Answer this question.

How will you know when you reach your goal?

This is MEGA IMPORTANT. It is of NO USE AT ALL if when you reach your goal YOU DON’T KNOW that you have.

I had a client come to me with dissatisfaction as her major problem. This young lady (a very frail and unassuming person) had taken part in round the world yachting experience, she had taken on mountains and helped to take her father to the Antartic in an expeditionary manner, in reality, achievements in anybody’s book.

So why was she dissatisfied?

She was dissatisfied because, although she had set her goals and had in reality achieved them, she always thought that there would be others who might think that she might have done better.

Her problem was not just letting others judge or set her goals?

Not that she set her goal with others in mind BUT that instead of living the goal BEFORE she got there she got there and didn’t know what to expect. She was not firm enough in setting her goal beyond “I wan’t to get to the North Pole”. She failed to see herself “Stepping across the Arctic circle” and to seeing herself “Standing next to the flags of others”.

Did she know what it would look like? Yes, she had seen pictures and spoken to others who had been there before. So, what was the problem?


INTIMATELY, Personally and with all of her being.

The next time SHE DID and couldn’t wait to tell me.

So, What do you have to do?



I have many more techniques that will help and if you need them or any help with these in this workshop then ask me:



Here is the last technique in this workshop!

Put your goal in front of you. You should already know it but more importantly feel it.

Now say thank you to (the universe, God, Angels, The great unknown?) you choose!

Say “Thank you, that I can make a goal and expect to achieve it and my goal is ...........................................................etc.”

Say it out loud!

Stand on the beach or in the desert or in your back yard and shout it into the wind. You can’t? Why not?

Maybe that’s why you haven’t achieved your goal before? Or have you? So what’s different?

Have you seen this clip?

Do you think that this person had a goal?


Have you enjoyed these workshops?

Can we discuss your goals or feelings, your failures and how you can stop repeating mistakes.

I want to leave on a positive note.


Roger Macdivitt






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