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Kathy Hamilton and andy Zuess Anderson want you with us
1/21/2009 4:42:33 PM

Hello Friends,

Did you know that you can earn money at this site several different ways and it will not cost you to join. It is your option if you want to upgrade or not. All you have to do is be active. Its the best Community I have ever been in.

Come join myself and Andy "Zuess" Anderson. we are there to help you.


The features are awesome, not only can you network with other contacts in the same industry, which is VITAL for success, we can also build a Hyper Viral messageboard list through the addition of an awesome list builder.

The site allows you to build a downline down 5 levels and contact them via messageboard, as well as this, they also reward you with 10% of the credits earned from everyone in your downline!

Credits are used to determine how much you get in the revenue sharing pool which means, just from being an active user, ViralNetworks share their revenue with you! How good is that!

Read Enough? Visit:

The site has taken around 18 months to build from the ground up and these guys are serious about making it so much easier for you to succeed! There is no space in this email for more, but rush over to the site now:

Let This year be your new beginnig to refocus and become successful. We are here to help you succeed.

Kathy Hamilton/simikathy

I walk by faith not by sight Profit Clicking

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