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Marion Tucker

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Re: Awesome Caller ID (1/18/2009)
1/18/2009 9:28:11 PM
Hi Pat, 

You are most welcome! 

It is always a pleasure to see you and thank you for coming by and enjoying the story. 

Love, Hugs & Blessings,

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Re: Awesome Caller ID (1/18/2009)
1/19/2009 3:46:55 AM
Yes my friend.  It is an "Awesome" phone call to say the least.  There is always a timing for all things and nothing happens by circumstance or chance; but, by the loving hand of a Creator who sees all and knows all.  Only our freedom of choice separates us from His Perfect wisdom.  A freedom to follow and obey or to go our own way.
Re: Awesome Caller ID (1/18/2009)
1/19/2009 10:29:18 AM


I thought I'd come in and say a "HELLO", I've been gone since April. I'm happy to see your still a member, it's nice to see YOU!

Thanks to the invite Marion, I enjoyed reading your post!

Have a SUPER week


Pauline Raina

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Re: Awesome Caller ID (1/18/2009)
1/19/2009 10:55:46 AM
Awesome Marion,

Who should know better about the AWESOMENESS of our GOD than me !!!  I prayed for those friends who had left Adland because of an issue with the BFA and look how beautifully HE has worked with them and brought them back here!!! And so much more...but I will stop here, cos' I am praising him  with every breath I take.

I will be passing this around too in my church and to my other friends :-)

Thank you for sharing.

Warm Hugs & blessings always

Re: Awesome Caller ID (1/18/2009)
1/19/2009 8:48:56 PM
Hello Marion that  story was funny but also had meaning.God does work in mysterious ways.I will pass this along .God bless and thank you!!

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