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What is BioDisc?
11/12/2008 2:39:09 PM
The BioDisc is a natural energy generating device.The energy
created specifically rejuvenates molecular structures in all liquids. The
molecular structure causes any liquid to become more hydratious, taste better
and extend shelf life. Placed in a fridge the BioDiscs’ energy frequency
permeates the fridge, all liquids, meat and fruit will taste better and have
extended shelf lives. The renewed molecular chains are similar to those found in
healthy natural spring water. Like fruit and vegetables the body slowly also
loses molecular chains as we age they can be re-energised at a molecular level
to provide energy, using the Qi BioDisk. The hydratious nature of water is
important to wellness, molecular structured water carries improved oxygen flow
to the blood, assists in detoxification of free radicals, improves liver
detoxification, improves nutrient take up by the body. The natural energy of the
disk improves sleep patterns, when placed under the bed, improves the positive
chi energy of the body, when worn or carried in a bag. It has also been known to
remove pain when the suns rays are reflected through it.
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